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Turning Lebanese

Tramadol Order Online Mexico Published by REPD on 27 February 2000

Drillo reckons that we need to be a bit more “cynical” in dealing with teams, meaning that we keep on losing concentration far too many times still. Well, I thought he meant “clinical”, but then the amount of times he gets mis-quoted anyway this comment doesn’t surprise me.

Interesting comment from Drillo re: SH. He reckoned that the players weren’t really fussed by it being his last game, namely it didn’t make any difference.

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You can read this one of two ways : one, the players really ARE a law unto themselves and don’t give a fuck about anything, or two, SH leaving is no different to a boss at any other firm leaving, and why should anything “special” be put on for him? Funnily enough, the reception that SH got from the crowd wasn’t as raptuous as you maybe would have expected for such an occasion. Yes, people clapped him, but there wasn’t a major chant of “Sam Hammam’s Yellow Blue Army” all through the game, in fact up until the last two minutes (where said chant was sung, although not really with that great a passion) you wouldn’t have thought he’d gone already. I don’t know whether the Sun’s OTT obituary put people off a bit (my brother, not exactly anti-SH, was pretty nauseated by the Sun’s comments), whether there may not have been quite as much affection for SH from WFC fans as some would have you believe (never underestimate the effect Dublin still has on the WFC psyche), or quite simply that people were simply being realistic about the situation (there WAS a big game on, SH had sold his shares and we just want to get on with our lives), but just as many people left after the game as to stand around applauding SH off, and I’ve heard much bigger rounds of applause for Drillo after such games anyway. Never mind, it’s all in the past now. We do have a future at WFC, it’s not as though the club has suddenly disappeared…..

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As for what SH will do next is anyones guess. Although some reckon that he’ll just stay as a director and “enjoy his retirement” (to quote It Must Be Dons), there are articles appearing all over the place that he’ll take over somewhere else. SW19 mentioned the Palace with Uncle Ron rumour yesterday, so here’s a couple more to chew over.

Firstly, Uncle Ron goes to Palace and SH takes over at Brentford. Sounds logical enough (see yesterday). Second rumour, and much more controversial is SH taking over at – wait for it – Spurz. Reported in both the NOTW and the Observer, two totally different papers, which may mean the story has more credibility.

Tramadol 100Mg Buy Online The reason? Well, SH and Alan Sugar are “good friends”, and SH is “considering it seriously”. Apart from the fact that it will totally destroy SH’s image as “a true Womble” (I mean, Spurz?), what purpose would going to work with Alan Sugar have anyway? The only reason I can think of for SH going elsewhere is a) he gets bored of sitting around, or b) he gets fed up of not being “top dog” anymore.

Online Doctor Prescription Tramadol Whether SH is going to take a back seat is difficult to say, although if he starts acting like he’s still Mr Wimbledon after so publically quitting whenever it suits him, then people may well start turning against him. I seriously doubt if he’ll leave WFC before the summer if he moves on, I get a gut feeling a major shock will be on the cards for many Wombles…. Here’s another question – by quitting, does that mean that if we build a new stadium SH won’t be able to claim it as his “legacy”? Actually, with regards to grounds, although Jan Petter Stordesvet and now BRG have made encouraging noises about new stadia, our new 20% stakeholder has warned us to be “patient”. No problem, we’ve waited patiently over 9 years for a new ground……. One final word on SH for today : Patrick Barclay in the Sunday Telegraph wasn’t too upset over SH leaving because he said our ex-owner was on a “22 year ego trip”. Insert your own comment, I wouldn’t even dream of saying anything 🙂 Leeds may be making a £5.5m bid for Carl Cort this week. And of course, John Hartson is off for £7m to Spurz. Well, it gets repeated every other fucking week, this story. Wonder if there is anything more than tactical about the reason Drillo has now changed to 4-4-2? JH and Lund together up front? Unfortunately, there will always be destabilising rumours flying about now, simply because we have new owners who need to make up the surplus. Frankly, I get really POed at the way the media seems to be doing our deals for us, and I can’t really imagine it will settle people’s nerves about the new R&G roadshow. Finally, our favourite Norwegian centre forward, one Anders “All You Need Is” Lund, is househunting. In Wimbledon. Gawd, these Norwegians eh? None of them care about WFC, they’re only setting up home in Wimbledon, I mean that’s not showing loyalty to the club……..