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Hamming it up

Funny how despite the fact that he’s no longer controlling us, SH is still getting more column inches both here and the national press than the rest of the team…..the SH to Spurz stories are still buzzing about, with even people like the Independent and Norway’s Nettavisen getting in on the act now.

It could very well be paper talk, but bearing in mind that SH today was quoted as saying “I won’t let the grass grow under my feet”, and the fact that he was seen tonight at QPR vs Fulham (where the commentator said that he was “looking to sever links with Wimbledon”) makes me think there is a lot more to this than just some lazy journo making up stories as usual. It will probably work out nicely for SH’s image of course – he leaves, and can blame R&G for being forced out.

People like David Buchan will lap it up, because they will automatically take SH’s view no matter what, he gets his hands in control again and everyone’s happy. Except the disillusioned WFC fans who wonder why SH has decided to dump on them…..

Onto the present, and interesting developments with regards to the Prince George Playing Fields. Firstly, Wimbledon MP Roger Casale protested against PGPF being sold off this weekend (yet still tells WFC fans that he’s still very committed to WFC coming back to Merton. Deja vu or what?).

Secondly (courtesy of Jack Duncton), it transpires that Raynes Park Vale has officially been kicked out of their ground on the PGPF site. Now, the noises eminating from various camps shows that a stadium is very unlikely on the site, and it’s more likely the Academy will go on there (though with new owners, who knows what power they have?), so looks like we may finally have some permanent roots back in Merton. I fucking hope so anyway.

Palace fans have officially launched their supporters trust thing, turns out that if nothing’s on offer by March 23rd or so, Palace are doomed. Funnily enough, I’m not as concerned now as I was previously, I guess I’ve been taken in by what BRG hinted at with regards to a new stadium. Remember – if Uncle Ron didn’t sell SP to SH, then it’s extremely unlikely that he’d be even more prepared to sell to KIR….

And finally – what goes round comes around. Alex Rae, Sunderland player, has been done by the FA for elbowing. Let’s hope that the Mackems get stripped of any points they earned from that match and Rae gets a 5 match ban. Well, that’s what Sunderland fans were baying for when Maggie did his John Fashanu impression