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Samurai Published by REPD on 29 February 2000 And more bloody SH rumours…..QPR (where SH was on Monday night) and Swindon (not known if SH knows where Swindon is) have put their names forward in order to be moved to Dublin (sorry, couldn’t resist it). SH was a guest of Dick Wright at QPR yesterday, and was even offered to join the Rangers board (which has gone down very well at Loftus Road, I don’t think). Actually, I like QPR….. Some more questions from last Friday’s SW19 which (maybe) have got answers : BRG did a State Of The Nation style address today (bet he hasn’t got Monica Lewinsky giving head on him though), and says that not only are we keeping our players – unless Drillo wants to sell of course, and if people like REMBE do any more undermining of his team then don’t believe that Drillo WON’T sell – but we’re even in a position to buy players as opposed to selling them. OK, I’ll admit this is a HUGE contrast to when SH was still in charge of the purse strings, and it looks more and more likely that R&G weren’t going to bankroll WFC all the while SH was still there. Whatever the motives, this is good news. Well, certainly the news that we’re keeping JH. Interestingly, the ground spectre was mentioned, and BRG did mention SP as something to be “looked into”. However, he immediately counteracted that by saying that WFC fans would prefer Wimbledon, which I don’t think is something that has been quite so publically mentioned by a WFC owner within the last 8 years. OK, the fact that SP is still being considered is worrying, but I put that down to BRG still saying that he’s going to run WFC “in the spirit of Sam”. Bet that lasts until the summer Speaking of CPFC, Mr Lim (the dodgy Malay businessman) is reportedly two weeks away from guaranteeing Palace’s survival. Why can’t I help thinking that this had as much to do as SH leaving as KIR flexing his muscles?

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Bad news for WFC marketing : they’ve been slagged off for their Junior section by a football website (forgot the name, otherwise I’d had linked to it). In all the 92 clubs, WFC came something like 73rd, which is absolutely pathetic. If I was Sharon, I would seriously consider quitting now before I got pushed, because I doubt if the R&G partnership will tolerate THAT level of performance. In a nutshell – if WFC concentrates on getting the junior section up to scratch and even that comes in very low, there has got to be a severe problem with the way WFC markets itself. But then, we knew that already…. Tramadol Online Price Can You Order Tramadol Online Legally Tramadol Purchase Online Order Tramadol 180 Cod Tramadol Legal To Buy Tramadol Cheapest