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Now I’m confused – remember when Michael Hughes said that he was looking for a transfer when he got off the injury list? Well, Drillo has said that he can stay, even saying that he’s the most skillful player at the club. What purpose this proves I’ve no idea, unless Drillo is trying to make Hughsie feel guilty for that strop before the Man U game

Latest SH rumour – Port Vale. Now this is getting silly.

Speaking of our ex-owner, the local free papers (Wimbledon Guardian and Wimbledon Independent) came today, and I spotted two things. Firstly, a quote from SH about him still “calling the shots” at WFC – which does seem to contradict his statement made a day later that “he wasn’t going to let the grass grow under his feet”.

Now, I think I said it a few days ago, but I’ll repeat it because it’s worth saying : SH will find himself losing a lot of his credibility if he keeps going round thinking that he still has the most say in WFC, after so publically selling up. I wonder if KIR has noticed this? Secondly, the Independent carried a quote or two from none other than Cllr Philip Jones, obviously stating the party line that he done a lot for WFC etc etc etc. Funny how this doesn’t tie up with the letter he sent me a couple of weeks ago stating that SH kept pulling out of talks for various sites – unless Cllr Jones knew that he was going to jump soon anyway? Hell, this thing is getting confusing

More on the PGPF – not only are WFC and a housing company after it, but Celsi and Fulham are at all. Gulp. It need not be said that if either of the latter two clubs get their grubby hands on it, then we can forget about ever gaining a stronghold in Wimbledon ever again. Then again, didn’t Celsi buy up a piece of land in Motspur Park WE were after a year or so ago?

Decided to surf around a couple of CPFC sites, mainly to find out how their survival bid is going, and here’s something interesting – apparently, one of the major backers of the Lim bid is a Canadian airline tycoon. Nothing major in that – except that the term “Gatwick” and “CPFC moving there” crop up a lot. Needless to say, we were linked with Gatwick once….. This could have many permitations. If CPFC move there (presupposing they actually survive of course), would we buy it? Probably not, and if you read on you’ll find out why.

If us and CPFC were to move out, what happens to SP? Sold to Sainsbury? Safeway? That will fuck Ron Noades up. Could us and CPFC groundshare properly at Gatwick? Maybe, economically it makes sense, though probably won’t do us better in the long run (or CP come to think of it). Additionally, SP won’t make R&G any money, certainly not if Uncle Ron keeps making money out of it still. There two major factors in all of this – one, if CP survive, they will have more legal right to do with SP what they like than we ever would – in other words, we’d be permanent “squatters”.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, when Uncle Ron tried to redevelop the main stand at SP a couple of years ago, he couldn’t do it properly, because there are many problems with height restrictions etc (meaning that the Main Stand would end up only running 80% of the touchline. Do you really think that R&G will tolerate buying up SP and being forced to accept second best?