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Month: March 2000

Ban aid

Well, I thought there was a meeja ban, but maybe not : Trond’s updated his website as usual, though no mention of WFC this week. … Read more


Bloody meedja ban – there’s fuck all news coming out of WFC. Bah, some people have no consideration……. Right, let’s try and get some mileage … Read more

Loyalist cause

Well, my mind was totally fucked last night, and it’s still spinning today. Reportedly, both Carl Cort and John Hartson are both happy at WFC … Read more

Drilled down

The anti-Drillo feeling has reached probably its highest level I’ve seen for a long time – unsurprising, really, as our away form is appaling. Needless … Read more

Ham sandwich

Well, after paying £26 to watch Cockneys 2 Cockheads 1, all I can say is, we deserve to go down. The players are collectively showing … Read more


Bloody hell – optimism is breaking out at WFC. We’ll be winning away games next……. First up, Marcus Gayle, who decrees : “There must be … Read more


Like the new look? Looks like we’ve finally given up on trying to get Sully to stay – we’ve given him our best offer, but … Read more

Peeling transfer

What a highly absorbing and shock-filled transfer deadline day I don’t think. I don’t think that I recognised any of the players who changed clubs … Read more