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Bloody hell – optimism is breaking out at WFC. We’ll be winning away games next…….

First up, Marcus Gayle, who decrees :

“There must be brighter times ahead. This is our dark period”

That’s an understatement if ever I saw one. Given the recent crap we must be due a league and couple double for starters. Never mind, at least Marcus is looking forward to good times even if some of our more Jim Henson leaning fans aren’t. He ends with this gem :

“If we were higher in the league we wouldn’t have players wanting to leave this place”.

That is some quote, and probably sums up the whole load of crap of recent weeks.

Next up is John Hartson, who contary to scurrilous reports of him negotiating to join Spurz from his hospital bed seems rather content with life at WFC –

“Each day I wake up with a spring in my step, go into training each day with a smile on my face, I’m happy with life and very happy with the club I’m at”.

Er, Jonathon Barnett will have a coronary if he hears that. Of course, if we decide to sell him, then so be it, although the man himself doesn’t seem too much in a hurry to leave –

“I have played for big clubs before and I’ve had the pressure and everything else that goes with it so that was something I considered. I’m not afraid of putting myself in the front line but at Wimbledon my life is my own – if I want to I can go off and play golf with my mates without any problems.”

So really, we’re under no pressure to sell JH from the player himself. This is welcome news, even if he is a bit too injury prone for my liking.

Next, we come to KC, who has a rather interesting take on the whole wrangling off the pitch :

“It would be poor for any player to blame off the field antics as a reason. SH is still involved with the club in some capacity and Egil preaches the same principles of defending I’ve been told since I came over to this country. A lot of the time Egil just uses different terms and when they are broken down it makes a lot of sense. It’s up to us to pull together and work as hard as we can on the training pitch”

Now, it’s funny that probably our best defender for a long while has come in defence (groan) of Zonal. Even more interesting to note that he reckons it’s not much different to what he’s been used to. So why are we still conceding loads of goals? Well, Drillo himself may have the answer :

“”The big problem is in defence, but it is not only how we play defensively. It’s also how we play in attack. We are taking high risks in our attacking play. We go forward with many players and often lose the ball. In my opinion the team is very unbalanced and we concede goals. We have to be less risky in our attacking. We have very offensive full-backs and a midfield looking for space behind. If we lose the ball we are very vulnerable. It is a Wimbledon problem.”

Mind you, Marcus Gayle has now gone on record and said –

“We have to be more cavalier and go out and try to get one or two goals early on and use that as a basis to win matches”

Player power again? Given how we managed to throw it away against Man U, and the amount of goals we’ve conceded by certain players not getting back in time, it does make you wonder.

Drillo was also interviewed on VG (Norge newspaper), and said about Tore Andre Flo –

“I think he [Flo] would like to play for us but I feel that may be impossible”.

One word KIR doesn’t like is “impossible” – it is thought that he’s had loads of these sceptical decisions before, and given that Drillo wants a couple of more players for next year, maybe he’s dropping an extremely subtle hint. Remember this – Drillo was at Ponti Stamfordi last Wednesday….

Caught the rerun of the Wimbledon Show on Cable 17 People Watching. On it, Reg Davis hinted at what we can expect from BRG – in other words, loads of his own men coming in, and much more positive things coming out about stadia etc (even Davis himself seems up for it). Hold tight, this is going to get real interesting….