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Like the new look?

Looks like we’ve finally given up on trying to get Sully to stay – we’ve given him our best offer, but he still refuses it, so looks like we’re on the lookout for a new goalie. I’m surprised that it’s gone as far as it has, all this contract talk. It was obvious he was going to go, so I guess we’re on the lookout…

Maggie has turned down a new contract extention – though tellingly he’ll “renegotiate in the summer”. Which means he wants more money.

Contary to what the papers say, Drillo is staying. Who says? The man himself, no less. He’s put a £1000 deposit down for his daughter to go to private school (guess he’s finally twigged that left-wing politics suck), he’s taking his dog over and if all goes well he’ll extend his contract. The only way, he says, that he’ll go is if he’s sacked – and unless things go SERIOUSLY pear shaped then I doubt if BRG will go for his head. I can hear the muppets reaching for their bleach…… as for transfers, he sheds light by saying

“We have a few players with contracts running out. We expect some of the players may go but not very many.. Maybe we’ll have to sell one of our real strong players, but it’s not a question of selling a lot of players. I don’t think many will leave. When this season is finished we have to sort out who to sell and who to buy.We need to sell some of the fringe players but it’s very difficult to sell.”

In other words, it’s as we thought – probably one out of Thatch, Cort or Euell to go, plus people like Sully and REMBE will be on their bikes as well. At least we can now concentrate on staying up.