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Peeling transfer

What a highly absorbing and shock-filled transfer deadline day I don’t think. I don’t think that I recognised any of the players who changed clubs today – remember when we spent the most in one day on one player on Transfer Day? On JFK? All you really need to know is that nobody has joined us, nobody has left us. So we’re more or less as you were, and we can now concentrate on WFC getting above 15th place in the table. Though trying to convince some people at WFC that it’s OK to be successful may take an effort only reserved for treble winners.

Of course, despite the deadline passing, there is still no guarantee that George Graham will stop sniffing around WFC – back of tonights Substandard reckons that Sully AND Maggie will join the Yids for £5m. That’s together, not each. Why doesn’t Graham just come clean and admit he wants to buy up our entire squad? It would certainly make life easier, and at least we can believe his motives a bit easier.

According to today’s Daily Star, we’re after Espen Baardsen, Yid reserve goalie, and are prepared to pay £2.3m for him. Spurz have denied that we’ve made an approach, which makes a change them having to deny their players are going anywhere. Actually, if it does happen, it will be a good move. Baardsen is a Norge U-21 goalie, he’s got a lot of potential and a lot of years ahead of him (injuries/bestiality court cases notwithstanding), and I bet he can yell in both Norwegian and English. As ever, wait and see, but if you see KC and AK taking Norwegian lessons, you know who’s coming.

Finally, a bit of SW19 site news for you. Remember over Xmas when I totally redesigned the site (ensuring that you get that tasteful frame at the bottom)? Well guess what – I’m redesigning AGAIN. And I honestly think that it’s a much better design than even this one. You won’t have to put up with frames anymore, all you need is a browser that can recognise Java (yes, I’ve gone into the late 20th century) and a great deal of patience. You may even like it……