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Land of confusion

Hell, I’m confused – Jason Euell is hinting he’ll stay – maybe. Carl Cort likes Leeds a lot (can’t think why, the place is an utter dump). Some journo is trying to rake up shit about Svein Bakke’s report (one day, we hear that we’re not in debt, then we’re £10m in debt, then somebody tells me that all of it is sorted out, then somebody else alledges that Bakke suggested sales to KIR, tomorrow we’ll probably get a totally different story). I’m going to give up SW19, it’s totally twisted me trying to make sense of it all.

I still reckon that the amount of money we paid out for transfers this year (and the JH one as well) has far overspent what we get in for transfers. I still reckon that Cort and Euell will go in the summer, because the money offered will be too great for us to turn down. Svein Bakke’s report is probably just stating the obvious, and anything negative coming out of it is just shit stirring. If you hear stories that SH quit because of it, ignore them. Obvious the Lebanese Tax Cheat was so upset at being told to sell his players that he quit and tried to sell JH himself to prevent KIR doing it. We also now hear stories that SH wasn’t told to fuck off prematurely, he’s still there unfortunately.

And I also hear that the transfer of the remaining 20% of his shares to BRG hasn’t gone through yet and as a result he’s still strutting around like he’s the person who founded WFC. I will wait until the summer until we see the full extent of what happens – when the sale of the 20% goes through, expect KIR to tell SH to piss off. And you wonder why I haven’t been updating?

We want Spurz goalie Espen Baardsen (yes, he’s a Norge) to replace Sully. I also hear that the Yid’s Danish midfielder (forgot his name) is up for grabs as well. Transfer deadline day, anyone?