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Leeding a charmed existance

Ow – Sheepshaggers 4 Sheepeaters 1. Yet what was weird about this game is that we actually created more chances in this game than any other this season – mind you, Leeds look championship quality and they are getting scary (plus the fact that we’ve never won at Elland Road, and I have actually seen us play worse there and lose by only 3-0).

You should know that Euell opened the scoring after 2 minutes, we looked shit hot for about the next 10 minutes, then we totally lost it (as usual) for a while and found ourselves 3-1 by half time. Second half we actually played all right, in fact we didn’t do too bad at all, though by then the damage had been done. Funny how a 4-1 defeat can warp your mind though

So, why yet another bad loss away from SP? Well, somebody hit the nail painfully on the head today – when did WFC last look like winning a game away from home? Ignore Watford, I’m talking against non-cannon fodder teams. The last time we won before Watford was Sheff Weds away in 1999, and before that against Forest in 1998 IIRC.

Assuming my memory hasn’t failed me totally, we have won 4 – yes, four away games in about 2 years. That’s frightening, and it’s no wonder we’re not fulfilling our potential. Why is our away form so bad? Because we’re incapable of grinding out results away from home, I would imagine. This is why I get annoyed when the muppets automatically blame Drillo (and the other Norwegians) for shite performances – Drillo is having to fight a problem that has beset us for many years, and it’s become a very hard thing for him to break.

Today I think proved once and for all two things. One, Carl Cort isn’t worth 5p – he was awful today, never really got going and gave away a penalty. When he’s not scoring goals, he’s a liability.

Second, I cannot be the only one who thinks that REMBE is one of the worst captains we’ve ever had : today, he looked totally disinterested half the time, and when it’s your captain who can’t be bothered to perform, then it’s no wonder we go and lose 4-1 at Leeds (or 3-0 at Fulham etc etc). Rumours abound that REMBE wants to have one more year playing before he embarks on the meedja career full time seem to have some substance, though as his contracts up it does seem increasingly unlikely that the club will keep him on – today proved it. The muppets will doubtlessly claim that he has a “fantastic” attitude and will probably accuse me of simply having a vendetta against me.

My reponse is – so? Seeing him today proved it to me….. as for who I would have as captain, I would seriously make Neil Ardley captain. Now, he has shown a terrific attitude recently, fuck knows we need it, and for a man who was on the verge of joining Charlton only last December, I think such loyalty to WFC deserves much more recognition. He didn’t play badly at all today, so I think it’s time he got the armband.

More SH bullshit – he was reportedly on the 8.30am train to Leeds, along with the Jocko Express, and decreed to all and sundry that it was in fact Drillo who wanted to sell JH. Which contradicts what everyone else in WFC and beyond says…. this man is odious, and the day when BRG finally wrests control of WFC from him will be a major step forward. Unfortunately for SH, nobody believes him anymore – muppets and non-muppets alike. Still, what did you expect?