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Lars chance saloon

Yoikes – things are really hotting up now. Both Drillo and Lars have laid down an ultimatum to the players – Lars being quoted as

“if a player wants to leave Wimbledon, then we should sell him and give a chance to someone who really wants to play for us.”

Whilst Drillo has gone one stage further and threatened to drop Euell and Cort unless they demonstrate even 1% of committment. Now, I’ve said for the past year or two that a major clearout is necessary at WFC, and this is probably the best proof so far that we are finally going to get one – and be honest, player power has all but destroyed WFC at times this season.

Couple that with the fact that SH has been stripped of virtually all of his power and you get a feeling that Drillo is more “free” to make these decisions (come on, ever wondered why this sort of thing has never really happened before?).

So, who’s on their way? Well, according to the Express, expect to see Cort, Euell, Sully, Maggie, JH and REMBE to collect their P45s. Cort and Euell is surely a given now, Sully was expected to leave many moons ago, I’m not too sure if Maggie will go come to think of it, ditto with JH, but the most intriguing one is REMBE.

Now, reportedly his contract is up this year, but despite playing pretty well this year we’re not going to extend it (thereby denying him of a testimonial). Which makes me wonder if the private (and occasionally public) undermining of Drillo by REMBE has forced the issue once and for all. It seems as though REMBE’s main allies at the club (you know, SH, JK, Euell and Cort for starters) have either gone or are departing, and he looks increasingly like he’ll be out on a limb with many comings and goings this summer. It has been rumoured (viscously, of course) that REMBE isn’t the most popular player at the club – he and the resurgant Neil Ardley are reported to hate each other – and therefore I don’t expect him to stick around.

One thing you can guarantee is the utter cuntness of the press. You can bet the SP freehold that more than one paper will gleefully predict our demise, with the usual “Crazy Gang are dead” rubbish. Firstly, the “CG” may well be dead, but WFC isn’t (and I think now is the best time to drop the CG name from the shirts, the name of the membership scheme and anything else with that fucking shit name anywhere). As said earlier, if any a club needed a clearout, it’s WFC. The muppets will hate it of course, but I’ll let Drillo shut them up –

“They (new players) may not know the Crazy Gang spirit like Wimbledon players of old, but they have a spirit of their own. If you look at last season, Wimbledon did not win in the Premiership for 11 games so I would ask ‘where was the Crazy Gang spirit there?'”

That has probably been the best comment for a long time coming out of anyone at WFC – I think Drillo has genuinely had enough of the prima donnas, and don’t expect BRG to hold him back. If you don’t like bloodbaths, I suggest you don’t look at WFC over the summer, there will be a LOT of casualties.

Whilst I’m at it, KC has joined the increasing line of players who WANT to stay at WFC. Can’t remember the quote, but he loves WFC and it will break his heart if we go down. Top, top man. Note that it’s the genuinely class players at WFC who are saying these sort of things?