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Ham sandwich


Well, after paying £26 to watch Cockneys 2 Cockheads 1, all I can say is, we deserve to go down. The players are collectively showing as much fight as they did last season (and we all know what happened then don’t we?), and if Drillo was to walk away from that disinterested shit tomorrow I wouldn’t blame him. I can’t think that both R&G are happy with the way that certain players perform so badly that they would struggle in Sutton United’s reserves.

Who knows, maybe relegation would be a good thing? Face it, if the likes of Euell were to wake up one morning and find out that their fixtures next year involved road trips to Crewe and Stockport, they would be on the phone to Johnathon Barnett so quick BT would think there was static in their system. Remember what Drillo said yesterday about the midfield not helping the defence out? Remember Marcus Gayle’s comments yesterday as well, contradicting that? That is what I am on about, and that is why I won’t call for Drillo’s head, not in a long while.

Every time (and I mean, E-V-E-R-Y) we got the ball, we gave it away. Or mis-controlled it. Or failed to tackle back for it (are our players hellbent on getting the least amount of tackles in one game?).

Something has gone badly wrong, there is a cancer somewhere at WFC, which has drained the players of any self belief. Earlier in the season, we bounced back from it, but now I think the players really don’t want to be there. I don’t think they want to battle, I don’t think half of them care. And that is what pisses me off most of all. I honestly think the JH thing has seriously dented the whole place, just as badly as Dublin did (and as the main perputrator is still strutting around maybe we at least have a part explanation…)

We embarrased ourselves on national TV AGAIN. It’s no wonder people are predicting that we’re going down, because we are, at this rate certainly. This ain’t a sudden occurance, no way (another reason why I won’t call for Drillo’s head) – even if we’d had OGEM in charge, we’d be doing exactly the same sort of stuff, if not lower down.

We need a shake-up. We definitely need to get rid of people like Euell and Earle (who was awful again today). On today’s performance, I wouldn’t hold up much hope for people like Kimble and Ardley either. The much vaunted Michael Hughes wasn’t that special – good goal, but still not really worth the deity status he is afforded. Lund had his worst game I’ve seen for us, his lack of match fitness has clearly caught up with him. In fact, the only players to have come out with any credit were Sully (as usual), and two names I’d never thought I’d mention, namely the returning Dean Blackwell (finally sussed out zonal) and Carl Leaburn, who was winning things none of our other players could have done. I really cannot wait for the season to end, and I really don’t care if we go down now, it’s something the club as a whole probably deserves.

One thing you can guarantee, the muppets are going to take their anti-Drillo vendetta to mammoth proportions. All I can say is – if you sack the manager and keep the players, we will be fucked for ever more. If you read above, you’ll twig why.