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Drilled down The anti-Drillo feeling has reached probably its highest level I’ve seen for a long time – unsurprising, really, as our away form is appaling. Needless to say, I disapprove entirely of the anti-Drillo stuff, so I’ll just state a few things. One, our away record is shocking. But our “home” form is amongst the best in the Premiership. If Drillo was really that shit, our home form would suck as well, but it doesn’t. It’s been proven in the past that when played well his style of play is damn effective – true, you could say “but he’s only been successful in 6 matches”, but we should have beaten Derby at SP (thank you Jason Euell), we urinated over Boro at the Riverside, we got shafted against Coventry at SP, we nearly beat Spurz etc etc etc, so there is nothing THAT wrong if you think about it.

Secondly, you may have noticed that we are going to have brand new owners coming in from the summer, and as we all know, they aren’t going to sack Drillo (come on, if you question why I said that, you really need to open your eyes).So unless Drillo walks away – or SH tries to sack him in his usual fit of pique – he’ll be there. Thirdly, he hasn’t really been able to do the mass clearout I think he deep down wants to do – he will most probably be in a huge position of power come the summer because he’ll have supportive owners, plus he can work out who’s pulling their weight and who isn’t without fear of reprisals. Having Jason Euell throw in a transfer request, whilst annoying, can at least save face for Drillo (because if he wants to go, then he will go), and who knows who he has in mind. Of course, there is this “fear” that Drillo will buy in “second rate” Norwegians, although I’ve been generally impressed with them so far, but bearing in mind that people like Damien Francis (who played a blinder at West Ham), Wayne Gray and Patrick Ageyman have all had first team tryouts this year proves otherwise. Plus they actually look quite useful.

Ambien Mastercard Perhaps one of the major complaints of Drillo’s style is that he doesn’t yell at the players, which if that is the only way to motivate them indicates a severe emotional problem. Well, some Norwegian correspondants have pointed out that Drillo DOES get animated, indeed W&WW has a picture of Drillo giving it. So why is he so quiet here? I honestly think that he doesn’t have faith in half the players, I think that he is thinking that he’s not going to waste his precious energies motivating a generally dis-interested bunch (and remember : the vast majority of the team are not his players), so he’s probably just riding out the storm hoping we’ll get lucky in staying up then rebuild properly. Many may hate him doing that, but really, it’s the only way to go. So then, if Drillo DID get the sack, then what? I think the reality of such a move would shock most people, that all the pipedreams of a mythical return to the Crazy Gang (spew) of old may not actually be quite as rosy as some may believe . One think it will do is put too much power back in the hands of the players, and as those of us with memories slightly longer than 7 months will testify, we all know what good THAT did last season. Who would you put in? Joe Kinnear? Please, the guy is responsible for half the shit attitudes around the place, plus he won’t go back anyway, not now SH has sold out. Lawrie Sanchez? Doing too well at Wycombe, and was too pro-Dublin for me to want him to return. Left on bad terms anyway and probably won’t want to come back. Steve Cotteril? Good promising manager, but way too inexperienced as yet. Some muppets will yearn for some mythical dream combo of REMBE and MH, conveniently forgetting that REMBE is grooming himself for media and MH will probably go to Luton soon anyway. So who does that leave you with? Drillo. Point proven?

Just want to add one further point, a lot has been made on SW19 about a mass clearout, and it may be worth trying to counteract some claims that the players are somehow totally unresponsible for any of this mess (and believe me, I’ve heard a couple of beauts). If you look at the ages of a lot of the players (REMBE, Ardley, Kimble, you can name a few others), they are actually getting on a bit, and their Premiership shelf life in general is not going to last that much longer if the truth was known. If for some reason we kept those older players, as some are suggesting, we would then have a geriatric team who will slump in standards sooner rather than later. Whereas with the probable exception of TP, most of Drillo’s signings are young, and won’t get old quickly. They can only improve in time (Chris Wilmott will become very good), and will probably be more adaptable than the old guard. So not only will a mass purge help us out in the immediate term, it could well ensure our future prosperity. Now even the most die-hard anti-Norge could see that, surely……?

Buy Zolpidem Uk Online Anyway, I’m being far too anti-muppet today, even for me, so I think I’ll give them a treat. Strong rumour about Our Greatest Ever Manager (we never lost a game under him remember, and we certainly never lost at West Ham under him) along with REMBE (who has never sniped behind managers’ backs) going to Fulham for next season. Well, that will get shot of a few irritating arseholes who claim to support WFC at least. They can even support a club run by a shifty tax cheating Arab again.