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Media ban enforced

According to It Must Be Dons, the club have imposed a media ban on the players from now until the end of the season, meaning that the players can’t talk to the press, or write for them, though whether this extends to updating websites is anyone’s guess.

I have to admit, I’m surprised at this move, though I can fully understand why it’s been done – at this present juncture, the last thing we need now is for certain players to go bleating to the press about how much better it would be if they did it “their” way, and I put this down to a question of being focused. The club IS in trouble, there’s no way of denying that. I guess that this a way of authorities being laid and priorities being, er, prioritised. Let’s hope it has the desired effect, nothing else seems to wake the slumber.

Michael Hughes scored a penalty for Ulster away in Malta. Apparently Bolton came in for a bid for him before last Thursday, but Drillo himself reportedly knocked it back. I’m not sure of Hughes’ future, although the only comment Drillo has made about him is that olive branch offer he did a month or so back. Who knows, maybe if the alleged difference of opinions can be sorted between the two, and Hughes does a Neil Ardleyesque comeback, he could well be a welcome addition to the squad again. I still think he was shit against Arsenil….

Reserves are playing against Charlton tomorrow I think, it’s certainly at GGL, if you’re bored then it may be fun getting down there. HH will be there, so will the SW19 Digital Instamatic (assuming I remember it this time).

Couple of bits of site news – one, I promise to write another What If?? article, I have a couple of good ideas but no real time to do them. Secondly, I’ve made an official attempt to get a “proper” URL, courtesy but they’re being rather slow in responding to a problem I had with them (involved the browser crashing when I was entering in my CC details), so with luck that may get sorted soon – if you know anyone who works for, just give them a kick up the arse.

Finally, a little bit of a general comment – although I’ve had mostly letters of support for my pro-Drillo stance over the past few days (and beyond), I’m getting a couple of sarky and/or nasty comments about it as well (though the ones supporting me outnumber greatly those who slag me off). I will take a leaf out of Jonesy’s book and say this – if you don’t like what I write, write your own fucking web site. Remember, you are not forced at gunpoint to read this, but just remember that I spend a lot of time on this site and I do consider myself “allowed” to write what I want, even though I fully appreciate that not everyone will agree with what I write 100% of the time. And anyway, I speak as I find…….