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Loyalist cause

Well, my mind was totally fucked last night, and it’s still spinning today. Reportedly, both Carl Cort and John Hartson are both happy at WFC and don’t want to leave. Bloody hell, after all this shit…… JH was apparently on TalkSport radio (I say “apparently” because I didn’t actually hear it) and claimed that he’s happy to see out the remainder of his contract. Bloody hell again. Even more gobsmacking is Carl Cort now following suit and declaring his undying loyalty for WFC. Witness :

“My name has been linked with other clubs but it has now got out of proportion. I have never said I wanted to leave”

What with Jason Euell having a change of heart (sort of), it looks as though the reported mass exodus ain’t going to happen. Yet. Mind you, Cort’s got an ankle injury, which may explain his recent shitness.

So, what’s caused this sudden outbreak of loyalty? Well, the major story doing the rounds today is that BRG had a meeting with the players last week. Now, I thought that his meeting with the players was before the Leicester game, which wasn’t last week, so maybe there’s been a different one. Whatever, we’re starting to get much more info out of proceedings, and here is the craic : R&G’s open committment towards a new training ground and a stadium has come from Svein Bakke’s report, which has apparently catagorically stated that a move from SP into our own locally based stadium is a must.

Now, Bakke must clearly have figured that we are losing a lot of money to Uncle Ron with the rent etc, so this seems to nail the myth once and for all that SP was a good idea. It’s now officially been rubbished by BRG, and in the very short time that he has “bought” SH’s shares, he’s openly committed to two sites for a stadium and a named site for a training facility (PGPF in case you forgot). Which begs the question – why was WFC so reluctant to find anywhere for eight years? It is common knowlege that SH never spoke hardly to Merton Council, certainly in Philip Jones’ time in charge, yet why would he be so content to lose all that money to Noades? It’s something I don’t really want to think about – especially as Palace could well go bust tomorrow.

One thing about Svein Bakke, when I got the chance to meet him before Barnsley this year, he looked very concerned at the sub-4,000 crowd that was there. The fact that those who met him plugged the fact that crowds wouldn’t be quite so embarrasing in our own stadium may have forced the issue here. So you know, maybe the new hierarchy at WFC listens to the fans without a high degree of lip service? Couple that with the fact that an informal meeting by the marketing department (report will probably be on W&WW or IMBD tonight, if not I’ll wrangle something out of Messrs Jones or Raymond about it) has taken place, and that comment may not be as wide of the mark as you may think….