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Bloody meedja ban – there’s fuck all news coming out of WFC. Bah, some people have no consideration…….

Right, let’s try and get some mileage out of the Charlton reserve game which SW19 went to tonight (complete with picture above, which was digitally “brightened”, albeit rather badly…)

We won 1-0, own goal

We played all right, as it goes, Kelvin, Andy Roberts and Damien Francis were the most recognisable faces.

It was bloody cold.

Er, there were as many Charlton as us, though as Palace away proved, there often seems to be more away fans than home, especially South London derbies.

Um, what else? Oh yeah, it beat the Scotland game, which Sully played in. At time of writing, I have no idea how Norway did.

Meanwhile, here’s one for the rumourmongers – Paul Bracewell has been sacked from Fulham. So, Our Greatest Ever Manager to Craven Cottage? Where he can display his legendary motivational skills, such as yelling a lot, telling everyone in a 20 mile radius to fuck off and not turn up to training? And having REMBE licking his arse all the way? Bloody hell, I’m being cynical.