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Ban aid

Well, I thought there was a meeja ban, but maybe not : Trond’s updated his website as usual, though no mention of WFC this week. Jason Euell has proudly come out and claimed that he’s put in yet another transfer request, but he still “wants to give 110% for WFC this season”. Well, gee, Jason, we really appreciate that. Gosh, wouldn’t like to think that we’re ungrateful that you want to get away when the going’s shit now do we? I don’t trust him on this – think about it, if he was REALLY 110% committed to WFC, then why does he put in transfer requests? Also, CC got interviewed in 4-4-2, apparently he wants to play for Arsenal. Guess their ladies team needs a reserve central defender.

Speaking of Euell, Fuckwit 365 came out with this gem on him today :

“Under Egil Olsen [he] has learned more about the defensive aspect of his game.”

What, he has one?

Malicious rumour of the week, which probably has an element of truth about it : the Express reckons that there is a “faction” within WFC that wants REMBE to become the player/coach of WFC, which will seriously undermine Drillo (the intention, I guess, is to get the “dream” managerial partnership of REMBE and MH in charge.

Yeah, JK as general manager, SH as the loveable owner, daisies everywhere, nobody ever dies or goes hungry ever again). It’s probably bullshit anyway, here’s why : firstly, REMBE is out of contract at the end of this season (I think, and certainly hope). Second, after we finally get shot of SH, things will be finely poised in favour of Drillo rather than REMBE. Thirdly, the biggest factor, ironically, is one OGEM.

Now, the Loudmouthed One is strongly linked to take over at the Cottage, claiming he’s fit and raring to go (although differing stories about how ready he actually is are bandying about at the moment). Rather than be forced to work with someone he quite clearly doesn’t like, REMBE will probably be more happy working with his gay lover under Al Fayed, so he’ll be more than likely off down the District Line quicker than you can say Crapital Old.

I’d like to know who this “faction” is anyway : it can’t be THAT many players, because the Express would have said something like “a large faction”. My guess is that the faction is lead by REMBE, with two, possibly three other players, all of whom came to prominence under JK, all of whom seem to epitomise (in the eyes of the press at least) the “CG Spirit” and all of whom seem to do their finest to wipe their arses with WFC shirts to further their own careers (they wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes with Wally Downes). So, who do you reckon this faction is? Nobody knows, but I bet nobody would be far wrong if we took a poll.

Finally, just to prove that the press hate us – the cunts refused to give our reserve team one iota of credit after beating Charlton, concentrating on the Addicts’ lack of luck. Jesuz, it’s a RESERVE game for christ sake, we aren’t talking about Premiership fixtures next season you tossers……..