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April Fools


To the unitiated, WFC 1 Arsenil 3 looks like the alarm bells are ringing with regards to our Premiership survival. And in a way, it’s not untrue to say that. But actually, a lot of positives came from this game – the fact was that we played and battled as hard in this game as we have done all season is surely a plus point.

The fact that we were 2-1 down – and pressing hard – until they brokeaway for the third goal (penalty) in the 89th minute, showed that this was not a lackluster performance. In fact, if we play like this in every single damn game between now and the end of the season, we will survive comfortably. If we play like this in every single game full stop, we would not be in the bottom ten.

Couple all this with the fact that we have TEN – count them, TEN “top” players out at the moment, and you may be well understanding why I am much more upbeat than I was this time last week. Put it this way, when you have to put Duncan Jupp at right back, and KC at left back, and you come away with a result that even away supports and managers was a little bit flattering, you have to be really blinkered to slag away (and see below)

So, the game : we didn’t have REMBE playing, which I think may explain the much better performance (funny that he hasn’t been on the meedja at all – maybe he’s been ostracised?). Instead, we had a midfield of Dry Martini, Michael Hughes, Andy Roberts and Jason Euell, and they did at least do their job of tracking back a LOT more than previous outings. It seems as though Drillo told Michael Hughes not to even attempt to defend, so most of the time he stayed up front, with a good effect to boot.

Sadly, Roberts was his usual, I think this midfield anchorman position is something that Drillo will hopefully rectify in the summer. Dry Martini didn’t look too bad, despite his detractors, given a few more runs out in the team and he’ll be up to scratch. The back four looked quite at ease, Trond and Blackwell could well make a good combination in the absence of HH (here’s a thought – HH to come back with Blackwell, Trond to replace either Roberts or Euell in midfield).

KC may get my man of the match because he commanded well in totally his wrong position (still gets forward too much), whilst Jupp seems to have benefitted from learning the Drillo Zone off W&WW. I don’t recall Juppy putting a foot wrong, OK his crossing wasn’t as good as it could be, but he certainly had the upper hand over Marc Overmars. Lund has his detractors, I assume for the same reason as Dry Martini (ie he has the disgusting crime of coming from a foreign country), but I see no reason to give him grief. Remember who scored, who supplied Hughes with some good shooting opportunities, and who got the Arse man sent off…….. Sully was OK, flapped the second goal.

Euell’s main contribution was really to give the penalty away and get sent off, I consider Euell ineffective these days, he certainly doesn’t appear to give the 110% he always claims he gives, with luck we can now put in Damian Francis to do what a midfielder should.

Drillo seemed quite heartened, he told the BBC that we could well have got a point, had we have a little bit of luck. And that’s what it boils down to when you’re down the bottom – luck. The Arse first goal was offside, apparently, the second goal was down to Sully and the third goal, well… It’s bad breaks like this, coupled with the shit that had gone on off the field, that is showing why we’re 15th still.

Today, I saw a team with quite a bit of potential, OK maybe not the first 11 you would put out, but not exactly the worst 11 either. At least they tried hard, and put 150% in effort today. This wasn’t exactly ignored by Arsene Wenger, who whilst pleased that they won 3-1 did admit that we put them under the cosh for a lot, especially in the second half, and admitted that the third goal WAS lucky. Surely, no sane person would give the players a hard time today….

Well, I would like to think that, but frankly the muppets have clearly gone beyond redemption. Get this : at 0-0, the main block in the Holmesdale started an “Egil Olsen’s Yellow/Blue Army” chant. Nowt wrong with that, you may think? Well, a few of the Jim Henson brigade started BOOING these people. Have they got to the stage now where trying to give the team encouragement is a crime?

When we went 1-0 up, these people were still giving Drillo etc a hard time. Lund in particular was being singled out for some nasty stuff, obviously scoring a great header doesn’t cut it with these people. During the game, I heard the twat near me shout “come on the old school”, after a mistake by Andy Roberts. Er, yeah. The same people wanted Neil Ardley to come on, so he did, didn’t play as well as expected, and he got a little bit of stick as well (so did Jason Euell, which although I’m no great fan of his isn’t exactly going to help matters).

Perhaps the worst incidents came after the Arse scored their penalty – a few people started that fucking shit “We Want Olsen Out”, OK so it’s the same accidents of birth who started it at Derby station (and at Sheff Weds this season), and thankfully they did get shouted down (by yours truely, amongst others). Outside, I heard the term “shit performance” bandied about with annoying regularity – I think it was put best by one of my mates who sat next to me (hi Andy), who said that he’s considering not coming to SP anymore because there are so many idiots supporting us. I have to admit, I don’t actually blame him

Now, if you know any of these people, or if you were one of them yourself, you could do a lot worse than listen to what I have to say about this : today, I could not fault that performance one bit. I could fault some of the things a couple of players did, but for sheer effort and determination, I could not fault that one little bit.

For people to call that a shit performance is beyond belief : as you may have read above, we almost have a FULL TEAM of players sidelined. To play so fucking well and lose to one of the best teams in the country at the moment sucks, but it was not shit.

I’ll describe what “shit” means – SHIT means booing your own supporters for trying to encourage the team.

SHIT means being totally blinkered towards some of your own players (remember when Celsi fans refused to acknowlege goals by black players? Why is not wanting the Norge players to do well different?).

SHIT means refusing to even acknowledge that the players in general put in a good performance, certainly a lot lot better than recent performances.

But I know what these people will try to justify their stupidity with – “But I have a right to say what I want”. No you fucking don’t, pal, when you stop people encouraging the team because of your own prejudices and bigotry, any “rights” you have go right out of the window. “But Drillo’s a shit manager”. Well, would a team under JK have done any better today? Doubt it.

Would [insert muppet managerial wank fantasy] have managed to cope so well with half the squad out?

“But I care about WFC”. Do you? Funny way of showing it. Do us a favour, if you don’t want to get behind the team, at least for the 90 minutes, then FUCK OFF. You may think you have the “soul” of the club at heart, but you don’t. And you never will, if you carry on like the cunts that you are. Case closed

Coincidentally, one of Jim Henson’s creations, and the ringleader of the Drillo Out shit is a former WFSC committee member who was partly responsible for the severe decline of the Supporters Club in the 90s (so much so that he now shuns his own Club’s travel and annoys us on the train) and was pro-Dublin. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions