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Quick note – in case you didn’t know already, SW19’s ARMY is now available at the much, much easier to remember I’ll be shutting off the Come.To address in the next month or so, so remember to update your bookmarks. Also, I absolutely promise to do another What If?? sometime this week. Was going to do it today, but non-WFC related events got the better of me. Maybe tomorrow, though I have to try and book a flight to Toronto. Ho hum.

The game plan for the next seven games has been set out by our beliguered manager – “seven cup finals”, which ultimately is what it boils down to. Anyone old enough to remember our first season in the top flight will note that the team did indeed approach every game as a cup final (and everyone who supported WFC from 1987 onwards will now moan “here he bloody goes again”), so hopefully that mentality will shine through again. It needs to. Coincidentally, if we do play every game like a cup final, I fully expect us to release a new music record each week, stay at the Canizaro before each game, and concede a penalty in every game. No change there then.

Drillo has also given Michael Hughes some praise, saying that he was “brilliant” up front, and actually improved in defence. Maybe that little “gee-up” on Friday did the trick – him and Lund certainly seemed to work well off each other.

I won’t bother saying any more about the shit from some of our “support” on Saturday, not if I really have to. On 24 hours reflection my only guess for its occurance was that it was a warped April Fools Joke, booing the support for chanting Drillo’s name etc, I think my blood pressure needs to be lowered a couple of hundred percent, and I swear that I’m doing totally the wrong thing health-wise by going to Mackemville on Saturday. All I will say is this: if you haven’t already, go to It Must Be Dons, and read the sections in the news bit which were directly lifted from the programme yesterday. They sum it all up better than I ever could, and in an official publication to boot.

Derby won 3-0 against Leicester. Shit. That said, Leicester didn’t look any better than we have done recently, the bastards deserve to suffer simply for beating us in the WC SF all those years ago……