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Roundabout rumour

Nasty little rumour going around that we have been “linked” with a move to Milton Keynes, because it’s the biggest city without a soccer team, we’ve got no ground etc etc. Obviously, after Dublin and given our current vulnerable position we have got to be careful with these type of rumours before we dismiss them. I’m not sure of it’s validity, because it’s not been widely publicised, it seems to contradict what BRG said about getting a stadium “locally”, and the telling quote that we’re one of 5 teams being approached (who are all apparently either on the process of going under or going backward) makes me thing that somebody had put 2 and 2 together and made a sandwich.

KIR was there Saturday, though rumours of him going to sack Drillo have been denied by Drillo himself. My guess is that the PPV stuff that is going on at the moment has made KIR come over. Just wonder which company would cover our matches? Channel 4? Eurosport? Television X? Cable 17?

We apparently want a Dane, one Brian Steen Nielsen, over the summer. He’s 31, he’s considered a bit of a combatative midfielder and apparently he’s quite good. Who will he replace? My dough’s on either REMBE or Andy Roberts.