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The Formerly Loyal WFC Player Known As REMBE has been linked with a player-coach job at Bournemouth. Now, one thing the town of Bournemouth is known for is the fact that it is a retirement home for OAPs, many of whom spend their final years drinking tea in Lyons Cornerhouses, watching the gentle ripple of the sea whilst moaning constantly that things were much better in their day and how the whole world has gone to pot when they were in their youth. Looks like REMBE has found his ideal next move then.

Michael Hughes, the other WFC player this season to throw a strop about being selected on the bench, has been linked to Ipswich Town. Now, call me picky, but would you consider a move to Ipswich a forward move? Bit like the Scottish Premiership syndrome – in your own pond, you’re world class. Go elsewhere and you realise that in truth you’re not as good as you think you are. Witness Tommy Burns.

Fighting talk from Anders Lund, whose website assures us (quote) “we WILL win against Sheffield Wednesday”. Now THAT’S more like it….. Bet you’ll never see Jason Euell say that.