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Oh fuck

Published by REPD on Buy Generic Tramadol Uk 12 April 2000 WFC 0 SWFC 2. I’m in shock.

Tramadol With Paypal How can EXACTLY the same team that can play so well against Sunderland play so fucking awful against Wednesday is beyond me. The “Olsen Out” chants were loud and vehement, and I cannot really be arsed to fight them anymore. I don’t want Drillo to go, he has after all inherited loads of problems and had more added to his plate from people like REMBE, SH etc, but I really think his tenure at WFC could be finished after this.

Tramadol 100Mg Buy Online Trouble is, what’s the alternative? Will a change of manager get us out of the current hole? Will there be a guarantee that the same players will perform any better for longer under a more “British” manager? Would things be better had Drillo implemented his stuff more quickly? I don’t know, I frankly don’t care at the moment. This was a vital match for us, and we blew it big time. As usual.

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Tramadol Online Cheapest The problems tonight were manifold, but I think I’ve narrowed them down to one word : committment. We thought we were going to walk it tonight, and therefore we capitulated against teams that we should beat. The players knew that they had to perform, and they didn’t. Is it Drillo’s fault for not motivating the players? Or do the players just not care full stop? I’m going to have to keep a low profile with my pro-Drillo stuff at the moment, I’m not going to join the Olsen Out brigade and I never will. But I wonder if because Drillo says that there will be a mass clearout at the end of the season the players who are most likely to leave will stop playing? Why do they need to fight to keep the club up when they know they’ll be on their way at the end of the season? Also, if Drillo does go at the end of the season, and I assume half the players will as well, what then? Will we go down? I doubt it, simply because Bradford and Sheff Wed (despite tonight) are worse than us. After that, who knows? Top marks to those who tried to get behind the team, you guys deserved better. At least you showed you wanted to win. Tramadol Online Texas