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Post Wednesday views Published by REPD on 13 April 2000 I’m still numb over last night, and I got the grand total of 2 hours sleep last night because of it. Rather than go into it all here, I’ve written an article about it all today, check out Articles for it. I’ve heard everything from everybody, some thinking that Drillo should go now, some (in fact, most) reckon that he’ll stay to the end of the season, some (myself included) reckon he should stay but have a mass clearout, but whatever, it’s definitely not a good time to be a WFC fan at the moment.

There’s too much sniping, too much backbiting for my liking. I’m not kidding you when I say that I want this season to end now – fuck whether we go down or not, I just want the whole thing to settle down and get back to some sort of normality. My own feelings on Drillo is one of sorrow, because the poor guy has had no help whatsoever from anyone. If I was him, I would have walked out after SH tried to sell JH, which is where I reckon a great deal of our problems stemmed from at the moment. He is clearly a man in trouble, time will tell whether he’ll stay around in the summer, I think he will if reports from Nog TV are anything to go by (BRG is backing him), though in what division we’ll be doing it in next year is anyone’s guess.

Speaking of which, according to It Must Be Dons, the club is holding an AGM to finally transfer the shares from SH to BRG. Although we all know that SH can do a lot of damage to people, I sincerely hope that now he’s finally out of the equasion he will keep quiet and stay away. I can’t believe his presence is still tolerated after JH and with a settled boardroom the avoid-relegation charge will be homing up for a big one.

Get Tramadol Online Uk Celsi have been done for £50k for their part in the brawl at Ponti Stamfordi, that annoying little shit got a £7k fine, or about a quarter of his weekly wage. We, on the other hand, have to wait for our punishment, for what has happened is that the FA have decided to review what we’ve said due to “conflicting evidence”. Meaning that we’re in the shit, because if we aren’t, then why have they announced what Celsi have got? Where’s W&WW’s conspiracy theory when you need it?

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