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Well, looks like the “JK Back To WFC” is BS. According to Drillo, there’s been a lot of discussion about it in the meeja, but none whatsoever in the boardroom, where such decisions are made. That should settle it, for this season at least. Question is, how did this story come about in the first place? Remember the old adage “no smoke without fire”? Somebody is trying to destabilise the club from within, I wonder who…………..?

TP is defending Drillo, which makes him about the fifth person to come out and publically defend him in recent weeks (behind KC, Super Al, Sully and Marcus Gayle). In a dig at guess who, he says that Drillo’s style is not of the smashing teacups variety, and our CB says that if anything, it’s counter-productive. Now, it ought to be said here and now : if a player is only motivated when people yell at him, there’s something seriously wrong somewhere. If you’ve never listened to it, check out JK’s bawling at the Hereford match many moons ago on Sounds. See what I mean.

Nice sounding rumour on W&WW, just hope it’s even 1% true : Merton Council have reportedly offered the Wimbledon Stadium site to BRG. I suppose that Merton appreciate somebody from WFC actually being remotely civil to them.

Anyway, it seems to tie in with what ex-leader Philip Jones said about the Greyhound track still being available to us, checking out the site via use of various maps of London, it’s not prohibitive for us to be there. OK, if it did go through (pllleeeeaaasssseee……..), then we may have to do something about the Total garage, the Ford dealership and the electricity plant being there, but having visited various grounds around the country, I’m not so sure that such things will necessarily be a problem.

From memory, the actual size of the land around the dog track is no bigger than Millwall, in fact it’s not that much smaller than Middlesbrough or Derby. The key here is transportation, which may be a snag. However, there could be some things in our favour here : one, at the back of the site is a massive railway siding place, could a little station halt be put there, for use on matchdays?

Don’t discount Tramlink either, there was talk a couple of years ago (on the front of the local paper IIRC) about a spur line being taken to Plough Lane. And of course, don’t forget our old favourites of Haydons Road BR and Wimbledon Park tube. Road problems may be a different kettle of fish, however, I still reckon that we could get our section of Plough Lane back off Safeway (who must be getting totally fed up with the amount of planning applications they’re having to submit), flatten it and turn it into a big car park.

Or, do what they do at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium, and operate a massive Park and Ride scheme, shutting off local traffic from about 1pm to 5pm. I think it could work, and the residents might even appreciate it 🙂

Speaking of the residents, would they be a major problem? Don’t know, is the answer. But remember, the stadium is out of the way, so to speak. Remember that it’s surrounded by industrial sites, and there won’t really be a height restriction problem. As you can tell, if this is even 1% true, I will hope like I’ve never hoped before about it happening. Maybe things really are looking up….