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And relax…

Well, after the excitement of yesterday, there ain’t actually a lot happening. So, if I may draw your attention to Sights and Sounds, you will see exactly what the editor has been hard at work with…..

LT reckons that because Lund’s not scoring as many as perhaps he ought to, Carl Cort is going to be relied on to get our goals. Great, so we’ll need to put in about 200 chances per game in the hope that he may connect with one…. meanwhile, if things really get desperate, JH says that he’ll return for either the Villa or Soton games just to nab the odd goal or two. Hopefully, it won’t come down to that and we’ll be safe by then.

Marcus Gayle says that the players had yet another talk about things, where it’s all going wrong etc. Perhaps the shock that they may be forced to play first div football next year has woken them up?