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Well, Bradford and Derby have done us a real favour by managing to draw 4-4 with each other. The fate, quite literally, is in our hands, and if we fuck up now and go down, it will be our own fault. Let’s hope the players get the message and give Spurz the stuffing they so richly deserve.

If you want to get down PGPF before we start digging it up, don’t hang about – the sale is set to be rubber stamped on May 12th. Now, stuff about “community links” are going to be bandied about a lot – it looks like it will remain more or less open land, and there is talk that we could even lend the pitches out at weekends for the local league sides. Be honest, it’s better than having Celsi there….

It Must Be Dons reports that the new away kit next year will be green. Ash green as opposed to snot green I hope. Now, whilst most people would have preferred the yellow kit instead, having seen other teams green kit I’m not too unhappy with the colour choice – I was half expecting ecru/nicotine anyway. As long as it doesn’t have THAT shite logo on it I won’t complain. Hell, I may even buy if that’s the case. Would have been nice if WFC marketing had done something radical and actually consulted people properly about it instead of deciding that they know best. Oh well, old WFC lives on…..

Also from IMBD – JH is happy at WFC, and is getting a bit POed with Johnathon Barnett for getting a higher profile. Hmm, acrimonious split on the cards? Hope so.

Meanwhile, Spurz’ 1,000,000th attempt this season to destabilise WFC has been made – apparently, Maggie is a “dead cert” to go there for £6.5m at the end of the season. This despite the player himself talking to the South London Press and saying that the first thing he’ll do after May 14th is to go to BRG and sort out a new contract. Now, who the hell does all these shit-stirring rumours? I wonder if you can guess….?

Missed the WFC show on Cable 17 People Watching yet again. Anyone got it on tape? Anyway, apparently the club are well up for it after the PGPF purchase. That said, Tony White of WFC Marketing reportedly kept plugging away at the notion that there should have been a stadium on it. Er, Tony, PGPF is in a highly residential area, with very little scope for stadium development. That is why we haven’t even made an approach to Merton to put a stadium on it. Gawd, with minds like that, no wonder WFC Marketing is a joke.

More promising, the general talk was of a new stadium in Wimbledon. Now, we’ve heard this on and off since 1991, but the fact that positive talk is coming from the club from all sections about a new stadium in Wimbledon is either mis-placed euphoria or something much more concrete. Wimbledon Stadium? Well, it’s worth remembering that Merton Council have never turned the site down – it’s only Sam Hammam who turned the site down – and the constant “well, you can have that site if you want it” noises from Crown House are encouraging.

OK, being behind glass and a dog track (as originally planned) may not have been ideal, but I would have gladly put up with that rather than shitty SP for 9 years. Also, mention was made that the players “have to put aside any differences they have and start getting points”. Or something. I think the threat that BRG made (namely, if we go down people like Cort and Euell will be staying) has woken the players up a little bit.

Speaking of stadia etc, noticed how much more the fact that we’re not actually at “home” has been mentioned in the programme since BRG announced he was buying WFC?

One more thing about the C17PW programme – notice how much more Stewart Castledine is appearing on the telly? I don’t think he’s injured, he never plays for the reserves, has he actually giving up playing for us (even though he has one of the best goal-to-game ratios at WFC ever IIRC) and gone into WFC PR full time? He seems presentable enough, and from the few times I’ve seen him he doesn’t look like somebody who speaks like a robot.

Didn’t actually know this, but I found out yesterday that Anders Lund has never played pro football in his life until he went to us – he’s a former brickie by trade, and if he does as well for himself as the last ex-construction worker we had playing he’ll do OK. Kind of puts his lack of match fitness into perspective doesn’t it?