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Clown Cort

So, when I go to bed happy last night, and I wake up and turn on Ceefax, guess what I’m greeted with : “Cort Blames Olsen For Dons Demise” or something. Made me nearly choke on my All-Bran. Here’s the jist : the players don’t like Drillo, they won’t play for him because they don’t believe in his tactics, it’s all his fault etc.

If there’s a worse thing we need at this moment than this sort of shit, I’ve yet to see it. At a time when unity is all important, this sort of thing can only make a volatile situation much much worse. Cort’s main complaint seems to centre around the fact that we conceed too many goals, and that we play too defensive. Yes, that’s what he actually said. I would love us to be too defensive, that way we wouldn’t conceed so many fucking goals. Bloody hell, we’ve conceded the most goals in the Premiership and Cort claims we don’t attack enough. I always thought that the first thing you do in football is to stop the other team from scoring.

Now, there are a few trains of thought here, so I shall try and deal with them one by one. Firstly, on the surface of this, it is a fucking disgraceful comment made by Cort, especially considering that since JH got injured he’s been one of the most ineffective players going. He’s a professional of not that many years experience, and here he is telling somebody who was managing teams before he was born how to do things.

Secondly, and when you start scratching the surface, this seems a huge hatchet job by somebody. Consider this : Drillo goes on a long-standing commitment back to Norway to collect a lifetime achievement award (and doesn’t THAT sound ironic?). Nothing so unusual about that, JK used to go to Eire all the time and nobody complained. Plenty complained when he returned, mind. Half the squad are on international duty, of those, most are what you would consider Drillo loyalists (ie KC, the Norge contingent, Sully etc).

The rest get TB on the training ground today and suddenly we get all the “it’s back to normal at last” type comments. Couple this with persistant rumours that Drillo finally IS out (we’ve had Brondby’s Aage Hareide and Lawrie Sanchez as “certs” to take over next year) and you get a feeling of something completely rotten going on. This can be further highlighted by TB saying that Drillo’s award today will “lift the club”, and basically praising our beleagured manager, and Lars telling Nog TV that Carl Cort has always been happy at WFC everytime they’ve spoken. So is Carl Cort a pathological liar? Are Lars and TB trying to cover themselves? Hell, this is confusing me just as much as it angers me.

Coming back to Cort’s comments : if you were David O’Leary, or George Graham, and you read comments from a player suggesting that he will only play one way, then you would not touch him with a barge pole. Can you imagine Graham putting up with “I think the manager is a cunt” type comments? He’d be back flipping burgers at Star Express on Bermondsey High Street quicker than you could say “salt and vinegar with that mate?” (look, I have no idea whether there is a Star Express on Bermondsey High Street, last time I went there was 4 years ago)

Now whether Cort meant it, or whether he got stiched up in an interview (remember that the guy is not exactly the brain of Britain), or whether it was his agent making quotes up for him, what you read seems to be a player who is a) untrustworthy, b) disloyal, and c) over-confident of his own abilities. Such players never last, and I think that when this has all blown over, and in a couple of years time, we’ll probably all be saying “Carl Who?”.

The final word (hopefully) on a totally disgusting episode is this : we need a decent PR machine at WFC, and if I was BRG, I would employ the best PR company I could find. Leicester employ one, so do most other big clubs. You never hear such stories of player unrest at places like Man U, I don’t doubt that there is just as much back-stabbing behind the scenes are there are at WFC, but they know how to deal with it.

When we get something like this, it ALWAYS without fail gets us on the back-foot. What a club with decent PR would have done today was to immediately officially distance itself from any sort of comments, claim that Cort backs the manager really, even if it isn’t true. If Cort DID get stiched up by this (and LT seems to suggest that he was), then the club’s PR machine would tell him not to do interviews without first engaging his brain. However, as we don’t have any PR as such, these sort of things get spread, and mud sticks.

And that’s why we get so much shit in the newspapers. As Marcus Gayle said at Newcastle station – “if you believe all you read in the press, you wouldn’t survive”. Trouble is, you get the feeling WFC gives them all the ammo the meeja needs.

Anyway, onto much nicer news : It Must Be Dons claims that the CG logo (don’t know about the name) is gone off the shirt for good. Thank fuck. Having that shite was an embarrasment, it may well represent the changing of the club, but the fact that it was done through fan pressure (allegedly) makes me wonder if I’m not the only one who got totally cringed up whenever I saw it. Some will complain at its passing, not least the press, but remember : whenever we’ve had it on our shirts we’ve always done shit.

Clubcall is reporting that JH is hinting at returning on Sunday. Wild Thang has also said that if Drillo thinks he’s fit enough, he’ll readily play. This is much much better than reading stuff about players wanting to leave. If all the squad – and I mean, ALL the squad, had that attitude, what’s the betting we wouldn’t be staring into the relegation abyss….