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Harry speaks, you listen

Now, remind me again why I worship the ground Harry Bassett walks upon? Oh yeah, he did an interview in the Sun today, and it could have come straight from this very fanzine. He starts :

“I see Carl Cort is the latest Wimbledon player to have a pop, talking about how the players don’t like his zonal defensive system and how they can’t play if they don’t have confidence in the manager. That says more about them and their inflexibility”

Now, you won’t need a PhD to know exactly what I think of that statement. Didn’t Harry infamously call his Sheff Utd players “tarts” or something once? He continues :

“I particularly don’t like to see the players having a go at the manager at this stage of the season. It’s all too easy and smells of jumping ship in the middle of the night. In the long run, the players are defeating themselves. If they go down, there is not going to be a mad rush to take them all back to the Premier League.”

Be honest, he’s right, isn’t he? As said on here yesterday, if you’re somebody like David O’Leary, you would think twice about employing a young upstart like Carl Cort wouldn’t you? Not unless you wanted somebody to wash your car for you.

Harry also seems to have taken a pop at Vinny and Fash, two people who seemed to have totally forgotten who made their careers in the first place :

“The really strong characters like John Fashanu and Vinnie Jones had gone – and they weren’t even part of the original Crazy Gang. “

Or was that a pop at the press who think that Wimbledon only existed because of JK, SH, Vinny and Fash?

Now, Harry himself isn’t 100% sure about Drillo and R&G being there –

“I’ve met Egil and he’s a decent, honest and serious man but probably not the ideal choice. Then again Norwegian owners are probably not the best owners for Wimbledon. “

However, I will disagree with him here : I won’t bother going into why I think Drillo is the best man for the job, you’ll have to check out the archives if you really want to know. However, R&G have as yet proven that if anything, they’re the ones to take the club further forward. I’m not just talking about the training ground, possible stadia etc, I’m talking about their mentality.

Witness : BRG has often been seen down the training ground, and is apparently an extremely approachable guy. He’s obviously no slouch in the professionalism stakes, which is where WFC sorely lacks in places. Additionally, and this should please even the most hardened “Crazy Gangster”, he’s a big powerboat racer and all its attitudes. So what, you may ask?

Well, despite its image in the UK of being elitest, powerboat racing is one of the most “fan-friendly” sports going, apparently, it’s professionally run but all the participants, boats etc etc can easily be accessed beforehand, you can talk to the participants etc. In other words, there’s no “them or us” about it. Couple with the fact that (like most Scando countries) the Norwegian mentality is very open, and frankly we should have nothing to fear (after all, if you read Norwegian newspapers, BRG – and KIR for that matter – often gets quoted, now you try and find that same level of interaction amongst the richest businessmen of the UK).

Anyway, enough of that, Harry’s comments are the shot in the arm we (ie those who are loyal to WFC) need, and I seriously hope that the players read it and take it on board. Hopefully they won’t sulk over it.

Sully could be going abroad, apparently Fiorentina want him. He played very well against the Netherlands last night, keeping a clean sheet. Hopefully he’ll do the same on Sunday (and I don’t mean in bed with his girlfriend)

Also on his way is REMBE, who for some reason is linked to West Ham. Mind you, they like signing old has-beens there (ie Dowie, Ruddock, Dicks second time round).