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Yes – I am back. And I’m jetlagged 🙂 Anyway, I won’t do an indepth resume of everything that has happened within the last 16 days, you can go to other websites to do that, so in a minute I’ll share my random thoughts with you. Firstly, there are a couple of interesting stories going on today.

BRG was interviewed in Dagbladet, where he insinuated the following – we’re likely to get rid of 10 players, as our squad needs to be cut from 35 to 25. Whether this is to lessen the wagebill, or to get rid of those who couldn’t give a fuck I don’t know. But he did say that “if the offer is too good to turn down” then anyone is fair game. So Leeds have made a 2p bid for Cort then?

As for signing players, he’s going to leave that to the manager, because he reckons that by signing loads of new players we could end up like Blackburn. An interesting approach – maybe he read “Down…But Not Out” on articles 🙂 In all seriousness, he probably feels that if we get up straight away next year we can start splashing out the dough. Also, he re-iterated the need for a new stadium for us. That’s more times a new stadium has been mentioned in the last month than in the past 9 years. Here’s hoping.

Actually, speaking of stadia – Palace may be forced to leave SP because Ron Noades won’t let the new Palace owners play at SP. I doubt if it affects us so much, although if BRG finds it just as impossible to get a ground as SH did (and I doubt that will be the case) then the temptation for us to buy SP will be just too great. Then again, didn’t Svein Bakke’s report suggest that we had to leave SP as soon as we could?

Also, Ben Thatcher is to sign a new deal with us. Which rocks.

Now onto some random thoughts. Yeah, we’re down. It’s a bummer but we’ll get over it. It’s the first time I’ve ever experienced relegation, in truth very few WFC fans still alive have. But we shall overcome, it’s happened to Man U, it’s happened to Liverpool, it’s now happened to us. Just make sure we learn from it.

There’s a lot of fingerpointing going on, everyone is involved somewhere. All I hope is that it doesn’t continue after Euro 2000, we all know that it’s mainly the players fault so why pretend otherwise? It’s funny that as soon as Drillo went the media turned on the players, as though to say “ha ha SUCKERS!!!”. It also makes me wonder if the tributes paid to the supporters by many of the players is a huge guilt trip. Hope so.

Got hold of the Villa programme, and noted that KIR is actually listed as a director of WFC, not majority owner. I guess that by being a director he can still be majority shareholder and yet not be so hands on. BRG is obviously the main man – he’s Chairman, which means that Stanley Reed isn’t anymore. Shame, but how much longer he could have gone on is anyone’s guess. Charles Koppel is now officially Deputy Chairman, which means that John Lelliott will have to build a better London as a director. Wonder if the old guard are being slowly but surely being pushed out? The good thing about CK as deputy is that he seems to have a lot more get-up-and-go about him, which may well prove the new dynamism in the club. Now, if only he could score goals…..

Jason Euell ran his mouth off about already signing for Celtic. Which may explain why he buggered off up north when we played at Sunderland last season. Can’t see him settling up there – wait a minute, the Bhoys had Pierre van Hoodwink playing for them at one time, so maybe there’s hope. Euell reportedly spent most of the week buildup to the Soton game partying, and all reports say he was shit yet again at the game. Best to get shot of him ASAP. Give Celtic a new biscuit tin as a bribe to take him up there, I understand that Kenny Daglish needs somebody to wash his car.

SH tried the old “Impromptu TV Appearance” at the training ground the day after the Soton game, I’m not too sure what happened but I guess it had the same effect as JK’s “just so happened to be passing with a TV crew” efforts before the Bradford game, ie none, because we didn’t hear about it. Mind you, the Tax Evader is still trying to make himself look the victim of all this, he tried to grab everyone’s heartstrings by crowing that he went to PL at 3am that morning for “private reflection”.

Thing is, if he did it on his own, he must have called up the journo to publicise the fact. So therefore it becomes an act of voyeurism, and hardly an act of “private reflection”. Remember Madonna in “In Bed With Madonna” when she visited the grave of her dead mother (or grandmother), in a private moment of reflection? That scene used 15 odd cameras and mikes in 35 different locations. I think by the general reaction SH has totally lost it.

Speaking of lost it totally – John Fashanu. He wants the manager’s job yet again, this time claiming that he’ll put the “fun” back into it, because he says that “when we become bland, we’re finished”. Er, the very fact that we were clinging onto the CG shite was one of the reasons why we’re down. I think that he should stick to money laundering back in Nigeria, because the guy hasn’t got a clue. Also, contract signings withstanding, expect the JFEA to be renamed the Ben Thatcher Elbow Award, because Maggie hasn’t done anything to piss me off. Yet.

Whilst we’re on the subject of recriminations, both Stale Solbakken and Effin Ekoku have put the boot into both SH and JK, funny how two of the least popular players of recent WFC times have come out and said it. Still, I welcome their inputs, at least it makes a change from the usual SH/JK arselicking.

Drillo has turned down a job with Marsellies. A personally hand-scribed bullet in the post for the first person to say “does he get a lawnmower as part of the job?”

And finally, in all of this – notice how quiet both Lawrie Sanchez and Peter Taylor are about the WFC job? And notice that we’ve delayed naming the new manager for a little while?