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Managers and other things

I think we’re getting somewhere with the TB situation – he went on a training course at Lillishaw (sp) last week, but called the entire playing squad – from first teamers right through youth teamers and straight down the ladder to Cort and Euell – in for a meeting last Friday to (ahem) “discuss” things. I think it looks more likely – contary to everything SW19 has said – that he’ll be manager now. At least it’s been sorted out quick

Sully could well sign for Spurz soon, except that his agent is maybe pushing the cocks a little bit too hard. So much so that they’ve gone on record as saying that his agent could well ruin the move thanks to excessive demands. Now, the feelings of this site about the N17 brigade is of course well known, but I will give them credit for giving agents their just desserts. Just one thing, who is Sully’s agent? John Barnett? Nah, Sully hasn’t actually said anything bad about WFC yet…..

Add the much maligned Anders Lund to the list of players who want to stay at WFC – for his critics, the interview he gave mentioned that he’d expected to have been fully fit by April, and as he got thrown in much, much earlier than he would have liked, so I expect him to stay. Oh yeah, apparently JH is a cert to go because “we can’t afford his wages”. Meaning we can’t pay the 10 grand a goal bonus he’s on. And what moneybags club is he likely to go to? Leicester. Hmm……

Everyone’s favourite Lebanese Asset Stripper (if he’s the father of WFC, then somebody get social services) is reportedly about to commit his dying love and the £50m he got out of WFC (work it out…..) to Cardiff City. Now, for any passing Cardiff fans, expect to lose Ninian Park in the next 4 years, and expect to be either merged with Swansea and/or moved to Cork. Old habits die hard.