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Going for a Burton?

Following on from yesterday, TB is currently in Oslo talking to BRG about a permanent contract, so it’s probably 99% certain that TB will be our permanent manager come Thursday. Witness BRG –

“I feel very positive about Terry’s role within the club and am looking forward to an open and honest exchange of views.”

So it’s in effect a formality. TB himself seems to be running everything in the club at the moment – this gem from the OS says :

“In addition to having the unenviable task of telling the youth team players who will not be offered contracts that their future lies elsewhere, Burton also had to try and lift the first-team players after the disaster of relegation and lay foundations for next season.”

Bet he makes the tea as well. There’s a glowing endorsement from, er, Jason Euell, who proudly proclaims :

“He’s been at this club for years, and waited a long time for it. Just two games at the end of the season was not enough time to do the miracle. But I think that he will do really well in Division One,”

Ah gee, that’s real nice of him. Shame that earlier today we read that both Euell and his sidekick Cort are planning to collar BRG – does this man EVER get a break? – and claim that they feel their talents which are sooooooo obvious to all and sundry should be best applied in the Premiership. And I agree – Jason Euell’s burger flipping and Carl Cort’s Happy Meal servings will go down so well at the McDonalds under the Kop. They should get a couple of stars on their uniform : hell they may even get 5 stars if they stay all day.

The Luton Town friendly, which I have to admit I didn’t know was on in the first place, is now off. In fact, the other announced friendlies against Torquay and Bristol City may also be off, as Drillo organised them. Why?

Also from the OS :

“[TB was] organising pre-season friendlies”

Terry – make yourself popular with SW19 immediately by organising pre-seasons against Leyton Orient and Barnet, amongst others. I wouldn’t object to Southend, Colchester or even Brighton, anywhere that is even remotely accessible. Just not the fucking West Country like we’ve done for so many years. Or Bournemouth.

You will no doubt wish to know that Our Greatest Ever Manager looks like he’s finally found a club who’s mug honoured enough to take him on – Sheff Wed. Well, the Yorkshire club are denying it, but everyone’s convinced by it, so I’ll assume it’s true. Actually, it’s quite spooky that you go to the same place where you nearly died about 15 months ago. But then at Sheff Wed, what happened to you in the past is irrelevant to what you get at the present. Ask any Liverpool fan. Anyway, we should wish him well, but of course we won’t.

Especially when you consider this quote by him :

“I think that anything is possible for the club with the fantastic fan base they already have”

Did he EVER say anything like that about us? And mean it?

Actually, we shouldn’t mock too much, because for all the talk about our supposed exodus of players, Wednesday are in an even worse position. And he won’t have SH bailing him out – speaking of which, I wonder how he’ll cope without SH there? I don’t think the Wednesday board are quite so accomodating of failure as SH was, and if he got POed at us booing him vs Barnsley, then fuck knows what he’ll be like after he loses the Sheffield derby.