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Still managerless

Published by REPD on Tramadol 200Mg Online 26 May 2000 Sorry about the lack of recent updates, but quite frankly there’s been precious little to write about. Still, I’ve collated enough relevant stuff to keep you occupied…..

Tramadol Online Rx The TB For Manager saga has taken a new twist after his trip to Oslo – he commented that he thinks the club is in the right hands (trying to buttkiss BRG?) but, tellingly, he says that he’s still the caretaker manager “until the club tells me otherwise”.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………….. Now THAT’S interesting. Ask yourself these questions : if TB is the manager permanently, why wait? Why has the presumed date of the announcement gone from first week after last season has ended, to the time the players go away, to the early part of this week, and now either next week or the week after?

Order Tramadol Overnight Online I can only assume that new faces will be employed somewhere in WFC – if TB has got the job, then I can only assume that he wants the right people in to run the Academy. But then that’s not really a valid reason not to announce him in the job. Contracts? I would think that’s the most likely explanation, but even so, it’s still not a good enough reason to keep us all waiting. After all, how many times have we seen managers announced and then the contracts are sorted out later? So that means that TB hasn’t got the job then. Question is, who? There’s a little niggling voice that says “Our Greatest Ever Manager”, which despite all the evidence against the beached whale ever returning to us still nags on. Hopefully that’s just me being paranoid. More realistically are two old names that pop out at me : one Lawrence Sanchez and one Peter Taylor. LS is spoken for, but it’s the Peter Taylor stories that intrigue me : notice how the timing of the new manager announcement keeps changing until after the play-offs? Apparently he’s been speaking to another club, and he seems to fit in with BRG’s style (you know, more laid back, less in-yer-face). Perhaps when TB says that the club is in the right hands he may not necessarily have been referring to BRG either.

Speaking of managers – OGEM is ready to turn down the Sheff Wed job. Obviously he can’t syphon any money out of selling players. Still, he wants the Celtic job again, which means he’ll probably worsen his heart condition after the abuse he’ll get for losing to Glasgow Rangers. Chris Perry is starting to make a nuisance of himself – well, he does play for Spurz. He’s begging Sully to join Spurz, which admittedly is only slightly more preferable than Dennis Wise saying that Sully should join Celsi. Now, Sully flapped a lot for us in recent weeks, so maybe he’ll do the same for his new club?

Buying Tramadol Online Legal Jason Euell is continuing to make an utter prick of himself. The latest gem he’s come up with is that he feels that it’s time for a change and that to keep himself fresh he needs to move on. Yeah, OK. We believe you. He has also apparently dropped a less than subtle hint to Bobby Robson at Newcastle, and no doubt Barnett has told him that Robson is very interested in him. Yeah, as his chauffeur no doubt.