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Official : Terry Burton is the new manager

Well, after weeks of speculation (?), we have finally confirmed one Terrance Burton as our manager. We wish him every success, as usual.

However, some people are doubting whether he can combat the Player Power shit that relegated us last season, especially as he’s employed the unproven Stewart Robson (who served under TB’s youth team at Arsenal) and the proven failure Mick Harford as his right hand men. A few things to bear in mind : firstly, these two guys are coaches.

Time will tell if TB will appoint an assistant manager to help him out. Secondly, as unproven as TB as manager is, he can’t be that bad if he lead our youth team to glory. Different kettle of fish I know, but seeing as though most of our squad act like 16 year olds……. thirdly, and most importantly, the players openly respect him. Now, you may think this ain’t such a positive move, and in that sense I agree with you.

But the bottom line is this : we got relegated this year thanks to player power. Now that the players have “their” man in charge, and they’re in a lower division (and as we keep on being told, our lot are a Premiership force), they have no excuse whatsoever not to walk the division next year. If they don’t, well, I know that R&G won’t be happy, and whilst Drillo was under a lot of political pressure from SH, I think TB will have no such problems under BRG. Witness the way they got on together at the press conference after Drillo’s leaving – they didn’t exactly seem enemies.

I say – give TB the benefit of the doubt. As for the attitude of the players, if playing at Grimsby and Stockport isn’t enough to wipe your negative attitude off the map, then you will never make it as a professional footballer.

So, why the delay? Well, the OS got hold of Barney, who I don’t recall ever being interviewed before. WFC 2000 I suppose. Anyway, here’s why we had to wait 30 odd days –

“The reason for delaying the announcement was quite simply because it was a case of getting the whole board together at the same time,”

So really, all this stuff about new #2s or even a new manager was just shit? Well, I suppose getting Peter Cork back from San Francisco was a little bit difficult at short notice 🙂 Anyway, I’ll continue on that theme –

“We [the board] also feel that he is the right man to take us forward and his appointment was a unanimous one.”

So what about Peter Taylor and John Jensen?

“Nothing more than a comedy sketch.”

But it was in the Mirror, it must be true. Mustn’t it? Anyway, speaking of tabloid shit, what about all the players we’re meant to be selling? You know, the two crybabies, and Thatch, and…..

“Carl Cort and Jason Euell, who have both been linked with moves from the club would not have to be sold. Both players are on long contracts and until the time is right for the club no-one will be leaving,”

This is exactly what Barney said to SW19 at the Drillo Sacking day. So maybe BRG’s threat is coming good? Well, that remains to be seen of course, but just imagine that we do pull it off (yeah, I know we should get rid of the crybabies, but to the outside selling them both is a sign of weakness) – that proves a point not only to WFC but to the rest of UK soccer as well – if you stand firm up to your players and their agents, they will fold. Well, that’s what I’d like to think anyway.

Anyway, new signings are an issue –

“Terry has given the board a list of players he would be interested in signing”

Well, let’s see…. Ronaldo for starters, get his mate Rivaldo in as well. Link him up with Tore Andre Flo – is Zola still available? Who else? Well, Beckham wants to move back to London – his wife certainly does – and I’m sure that Wimbledon Village has plenty of nice boutiques for Ms Adams to slip her size 4 frame into. You think I’m joking – believe me, KIR has the money to make all of that happen. Never rule anything out.

Anyway, TB’s in, but his ex-boss is still looking for a job. Get this – OGEM ruled out Wednesday simply because there wasn’t enough money for him there. Now, coming from the guy who boasted about “buying at Woolworths and selling at Harrods”, this is a little bit rich. At least when Harry was employed by a broke club he never asked for more money.

And besides, when JK has had money to spend, what’s he done with it? Sign JH, who never plays more than 20 games a season for one reason or another. Hmmm, can’t see Leicester willing to let JK loose with £20m. Just think, he could buy his mates up – Fash, Vinny etc (for that “steel”) for a total combined fee of £15m. And you can bet he’ll get rid of Mussy Izzet for being too foreign.

Not a news article (not a new one anyway), but a little bit of a comment. A complaint, even. Sully has officially signed for Spurz, and he’s gone on record as saying that if he ain’t a regular first teamer, he’ll fuck off for £2m.

Now, some Wombles think that this kind of thing is OK – some even suggest that it’s good because “he can go around the country fucking other teams up”. Now, call me a sour-puss, suggest I’m over-reacting, but that is an absolute wank attitude to take. I don’t like Spurz, never have done. But isn’t what Sully is doing to them exactly the same as what Euell and Cort are doing to us? Ever heard of the term “hypocricy” guys?

It ain’t something I want to be associated with, especially not from WFC fans. Think about it – by saying this, Sully has made himself sound like an ungrateful sod who demands first team football wherever he goes. If you think what he’s doing is great, then I can only assume you wank over Jason Euell every night…..