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Fash the Trash

Watch out – looks like TB is on the warpath already, and in his line of fire is John Fashanu. Now, Fash has been going round, telling everyone how shit TB is, and TB isn’t exactly thrilled.

“What has angered me is that Fashanu thinks he’s pretending to be the voice of Wimbledon Football Club when he knows absolutely nothing about the modern-day Wimbledon Football Club”.

Owch. This was from the OS, which has actually started becoming OKish recently. Well, loosely speaking. Follow this up with:

“The last time anyone at the club heard from John Fashanu was around the time of his court case. Since then he’s never been near the club, near the training ground and there he is pontificating on the radio, saying that he’s knows what’s going on at the club which is crazy.”

The original article quotes that TB’s methods upset some of the players which made them leave (one of whom was Fashanu, who was POed because he was actually asked to train once a month). And you thought it was only Drillo who had these problems? Thing is, if Fash hasn’t been round the club, and yet these stories are coming out, then who is spreading them? Is it somebody in the club, trying to discredit TB even before he’s begun (sounds familiar?). Or somebody who’s left the club recently, and has a grudge against TB? Hmmm……

Interesting rumour flying about, Carl Leaburn to Blackpool for £250k. Guess they need a new steel girder for the Blackpool tower.

Went down SP today to pick up some ST application forms, and spotted a car that I’ve never seen before. Nothing unusual there, except that the number plate was WFC 90X. Now, who the hell could it be? Anyone got any ideas?

One more thing not WFC related : if you turn your javascript on, please make your way to and see if what I’ve done works. Don’t worry, I won’t fuck your computer up 🙂