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Trond to leave?

Wonderful – Trond has decided he wants to leave now. According to VG Nett (via Henrik) he’s asked his agent to tout round various Premiership clubs because he doesn’t want to play first division football next year. Yeah, well I don’t particularly want to watch first division football next year, but hey, I’ve got Womble in my blood (must visit the Marie Stopes clinic).

Actually, I’m more puzzled than pissed off – Trond said on his website that he wanted to stay, and this has come out of the blue. Also, VG Nett have a reliability factor on a scale with the Daily Star, so maybe there is a serious misquote somewhere. That said, I think he’s been tapped by his agent into wanting to move : he’s seen most of his countrymen get ousted, and feels he could be next (and you thought the “ethnic cleansing” comment below was a flippant comment).

One thing in his “favour” though, at least he had the decency to wait until the close season (Euell and Cort please take note), and he was one of the few WFC players last year to emerge with any credit. Still a pisser though.

Also – REMBE may stay. Now that IS taking the fucking piss

Went around Wimbledon itself today, and Elys (aka Allders rejects) is stocking the new Puma shirt – yours for £40. And they’re selling WFC scarfs. Hmmm…… Also, there are at least TWO nicely sized shop units in Wimbledon to let, one in the Centre Court shopping centre and one outside it, sandwiched around JD sports and HMV. Couple that with the new development next door to Safeways and you’ve got a lot of scope there. Also, there’s an empty shop in Morden (actually, it’s more unusual to see an open shop in Morden) which is “To Let”, which looks typical football-club-shop-outlet-in-the-centre-of-town size, next door to Woolies for those of us who have the misfortune to live in SM4. Watch this space.