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New signing – well, kind of : John Clinkard, ex-Oxford and Everton physio, has come in to help Steve Allen with injuries and such like. Now, previously Allen has had to deal with an appauling injury list, and this appointment is a further pointer to the increased “professionalisation” of WFC. Anything that stops us losing key players for various times is surely a good thing

A little bit of confusion reigns as to whether Trond actually said what he said. Confused yourself? Well, the Official Site made a slight hint that the club thinks it’s BS. Or at least it’s not quite a transfer request as such – remember, these things have happened to us in the past, and they’ll happen again in the future. Ironically, the story first broke in the….. Daily Star. Hmmm.

Now, I don’t really like to do these sort of commentaries, but I’m not exactly a “let and let live” person, so I will say this only once, and with a high degree of seriousness : I received a poll through today which was purely written to antagonise me. Yeah, somebody actually sat down and told me that I shouldn’t be running SW19 (because my views were totally different to theirs it proved that I was a tosser and that I should “get a life”), and yes, it was quite aggressive in nature.

Now, I’ve had loads of poll replies, and this was the first one of its kind : I have had a few people who question my views on certain things, but at least they are wised up enough to realise that the person who they’re emailing spends a LOT of time on this site and at least extend the courtesy – I respect that. But to come on and slag my site (and me personally) off is something different entirely, and I get enough shit in my life most of the time anyway without some smart arse trying to “prove a point”.

In a nutshell, if you really, really don’t like what I’m doing, then read the disclaimer on the front page and then reconsider your options. I do not force you to come here, I’m normally glad if you do and I do genuinely appreciate it when people – whatever their viewpoints – come to me and say that they appreciate what I’m doing.

But if you’re just going to slag me off without trying to at least give some sort of justification, then don’t fucking bother. If anyone else wants to use the poll to do the same, don’t waste your time or mine, because I’ll just bin it. I could end the poll now and still have enough to do a decent write-up. As for the person in question who told me to “get a life”, all I can say is – if you spent all that time nicely formatting the reply in nice bright colours just to tell me that you hate the site and that the best bit is the exit button (there is no exit button, fuckwit), then may I suggest you take your own advice about getting a life. You clearly don’t have one either.