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Pre season starts again

Pre-season training is under way, and despite there being a story that we were training at the Bank Of England sports field, we are still using RE. Bastards, I would have gone had I known just a little bit sooner…. anyway, W&WW were down there, and you can read what he saw if you go to his site. However, I bet Cort and Euell must be really sick that they’re back slumming it with us. Not quite as sick as Barnett though, ha ha. REMBE has signed a new deal, one year, and he’s being assistant manager. I have to be honest, I still don’t trust his motives, especially considering his conduct last season, all I can hope is that his contract states that he can’t do any meeja work. It destroys players, especially at WFC. Maggie and JH are there, sporting skinheads, and neither of them look like they’re going anywhere soon. All in all, they look quite focused apparently. Although how many times did they look focused on the training pitch last year……?

Normally, every other web site seems to get hot exclusives and I don’t. However, for once I’ve got one, and unlike many other “exclusives” I can 100% prove this : today, WFC paid Molde FC £1m sterling via the Royal Bank Of Scotland. So, conspiracy theorests, get working on Nog bankrolling. And try not to forget that it’s a) the start of the WFC financial year, and b) we probably owe Molde dough on either Trond or Anders. Pretty lame exclusive I agree, but hey, at least I’ve got one finally 🙂

Quick warning about the champagne song : the club are apparently threatening to clamp down on anyone who sings it. Why, I don’t know, but remember that it does make reference to two illegal actions (drug taking and bestiality), and I would imagine that the police have probably “warned” the club about it (the Leeds police in particular were pretty uptight about it), so try and think of a cleaner version in future….