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New club shop

WFC is to open a club shop in Wimbledon High Street later this summer. And about fucking time too 🙂 This is the second of the big three of the club’s major off-field regeneration projects that are being fulfilled (the first is at PGPF, and guess what the third one is), and this is a BIG step forward. Now, there is a “but” here, and you can bet that SW19 would find something wrong with it : I can’t help thinking that this is 4 years too late. The merchandising boom was during E96, and typically we missed it.

I’m also a little bit puzzled as to where people who want to buy merchandise on matchdays will actually buy it. I presume some sort of provision will be made for it. Still, it’s finally arriving, and for that I’m extremely grateful. And the marketing department will maybe stop have people complaining 🙂

So, where will it be? What will be in it? At this stage, nobody actually knows, but here’s a few pointers. Firstly, there is last time of looking a rather nice outlet inbetween the BT shop and HMV in Wimbledon High Street up for grabs. Due to the fact that it’s going to be open before the summer ends makes me believe that it won’t be in the new parade being developed by the side of Cash Converters (those local will know where I mean).

I doubt if it will be as far down as the recently deserted Comet by the cinema (and that’s Wimbledon Broadway anyway), nor do I think that it’ll be as far up as Fielders. Mind you, where the Natworst bank used to be (diametrically opposite Lloyds) may be a promising place. Let’s wait and see. As for what’s in it, well, I expect some merchandise and some serious moorish factor attached for once. Anyone who’s been to the Fulham shop will testify that the lack of merchandise is irrelevant if you’re tempted to buy it. I also expect the club finally getting the Football In The Community base that they (to be fair to them) have wanted for a while. Ticket office? Well, we can but hope……

One more thing about it for now – now would be a good time to bombard the club with merchandise you’d like to see being sold. Although fags, lager and condoms would be slightly problematic, I for one would like to see things like the 1975 Leeds game, the 1986 FA Cup game against Everton and probably a few others as well being stocked in the new shop. Get your suggestions to Sharon and/or Reg now.

Season ticket sales are “very encouraging” according to Sir Reg. Guess that the amount of people who aren’t renewing their season tickets because of the Carl Cortesque attitude really are being checked by the amount of people who feel they owe the club something.

New day, new Cort To Spurz rumour. Add Maggie in the mix as well – he’s been linked to Spurz and Liverpool (where it’s alledged he’s already agreed to sign). Apparently, the Spurz fans are not too chuffed at being linked to The Most Pretigious Team In London (c. Alan Mullery). Doubt if they’ll be overly chuffed at paying £7m for him either.

Of course, TB ain’t having none of it, brother. The guy must be really fed up at having to say “no player will leave the club unless it is right for us on a number of factors. All of our players are under contracts so we are in not in a position where we have to sell.” . I’m sure if I had a quid for every Cort To Spurz rumour I could buy Crystal Palace. Or put down-payment on a Celsi season ticket.

Further to yesterday’s revelation that REMBE is the assistant manager of sorts, he’s announced that he’ll play for one more year before retiring. Now, I’m not exactly his greatest fan at the moment, but he will probably be very useful as a “super sub” for us : after all, he clearly couldn’t last 90 minutes last year and would really in truth only ever last 30 minutes in the first division. Further fuel to the REMBE situation may come from deepest Bedfordshire, where Lennie Lawrence has been asked to depart. And what famous ex-Luton player with managerial experience comes to mind? One Mick Harford. Lives in the area still, hero at Kenilworth Road : natural choice, surely? I was joking about the managerial experience bit of course.