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Clown Cort

Great news again – we’ve finally conned persuaded a club with more money than sense to pay £7m smakers for Carl Cort – Newcastle are the gullible club. I can just imagine him upfront with Shearer – though the England captain will be glad that there’s somebody else around even slower than he is. I have been in two minds about Cort leaving – on the one hand I felt that he should stay and slum it out with us in the first, on the other hand I’m glad the sulky whinging lanky pile of goat shit has fucked off. The slow walk off against Villa and the much quicker run-off against Soton said it all.

Still, I doubt we should be too upset about him going, even if we all want to see him get his just-deserts : if he shows as much effort up on Tyneside as he did in his last few games with us, he will find himself becoming as popular as somebody wearing a Sunderland shirt on Bigg Market on Tyne-Wear derby night.

Anyway, what now? Well, BRG has reportedly said that we can afford to lose Cort and (possibly) Maggie, and will probably give the money to TB to strengthen other positions. One place which will be OK for next season will be Trond’s – he’s withdrawn his transfer request, which is something as he never actually put one in. Go figure. He will however only commit himself to one more season if we don’t go up next year. So, let’s play like a team hellbent on promotion, eh? The players have absolutely NO excuse now…

Went to downtown Wimbledon today, just to follow up on the new club shop : the old Natworst bank has been sold, but it doesn’t look like a shop unit one bit, and is on St Georges Road anyway, so I guess we can forget it. The outlet opposite Centre Court is actually inbetween Game and JD Sports, not HMV and BT – sorry for the duff info. The new parade of shops being built doesn’t look as though it’ll be ready for the end of the summer (the shell’s up but they’ll have to go some to finish it), which leaves a double-fronted shop unit near Pizza Hut. Hmm.