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Tramadol Online Usa Published by REPD on 11 July 2000 In probably one of the most amazing pieces of news I’ve heard, JH’s said he going to stay. Well, actually Johnathon Barnett has said that, but I find it absolutely amazing. Why? Because JH has never actually said that he wants to go – true, Barnett has been making loads of noise but I know of at least two occasions where JH has been slightly miffed over Barnett’s dealing. None the less, it’s a great boost for us, and should at least soothe the nerves of the slightly more paranoid of Womble

Further proof that going to N17 turns even the most mild mannered of men into a complete cunt : Maggie is now going around saying how much Spurz are going to get into Europe – yeah, right – and that he’s glad he’s gone to Spurz because he “used to play on a council pitch where he had to clear dog shit off before we trained”. Or something. Bastard. Anyway, here’s something for you – not only have we spent £6m on a new training ground, but in the interim, from next Monday we’re using the Bank Of England Sports field the other side of Richmond Park. It’s a private thing, and I’m not too sure what the public access for Dons fans will be – I personally reckon that some provision should (and probably will) be made just for ordinary Wombles to turn up and watch, even if to get in you have to produce an ST, or a club membership card. It wouldn’t hurt, and it provides that non-purchasable thing called goodwill.

Get Tramadol Online Legally The BoE facilities are reportedly pretty good, much better than RE, and it’s further proof that the club are becoming much more professional in their outlook. Also, I didn’t actually know this, but did you know that before they went to Bisham Abbey, the England national team trained there? Finally, SH has bought Cardiff City. So much for the reason he left WFC was because he was getting fed up with running a football club. Anyway, this is what he plans for them – a redeveloped Ninian Park? Er, no. A huge array of talented players? Not quite. Check this out – the team is to be renamed the Cardiff Celts, play in green and white, change their badge to a Celtic cross and rename themselves the Dragons. I kid you not – this is on the BBC website. Dublin Dons Mark II if ever I saw it. And what does the Father of WFC Cardiff Circus….er City say?

“There is a dream for Wales and Cardiff, and we must reach every corner of Wales to make the dreams come true, even the man on the tip of Anglesey must support the Celts every Saturday afternoon”. Read that bit again – isn’t that exactly the same rhetoric that he used for the Dublin Dons? Can you imagine the good people of Wrexham and (especially) Swansea dropping their alligiences to support Hammam’s wank fantasy? Oh, and he also predicts that the fans of Cardiff will no longer cause any trouble…. dear oh dear. Never mind, one good thing has come out of this – at least the whole world is now realising just what a total spasmo Hammam is. I’m glad he’s no longer ruining WFC. Tramadol Pet Meds Online Tramadol Bula Anvisa