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Down at the training ground… Published by REPD on 14 July 2000

Tramadol Online Overnight Usa Went down the training ground today to watch a training session, believe it or not. Actually, it’s the first time I’ve ever gone down there, and as it’s the last time we’ll probably be using the RE then it was a bit of a special occasion. So, how many people went down there? One – me. Well, Barry Perry was there, but I didn’t speak to him.

Get Tramadol Online Uk Actually, fuck all was happening – the youth team were training, because the first team were out on manoevers. But through keeping my ears and eyes open, this is what I did find out : one, a certain player who wears #14 isn’t a too popular person on the training ground, because he keeps lying about his injury and not wishing to train. Saw what looked like Jason Euell walking around as though he didn’t want to be there – and he was wearing #1 on his shirt. In your dreams, pal. People like Patrick Agemangye (will I ever spell his name right?) and Wayne Gray were out with the first team, which is good to see.

Buying Tramadol As you know, Bryn Halliwell has gone to Clyde, so we’re taking some goalkeeper from Bournemouth (forgot his name) on trial. And for the reserve team posse – Russell Williamson will be going on trial to either Bolton, Bournemouth or Morton. Couldn’t actually make out what they were saying…… all in all, not really a productive half an hour. Next time, I’ll take somebody with me 🙂

Tramadol Purchase Overnight WB’s joined the “exodus” – he’s gone back to his old club. Shame, but after his initial burst he fizzled and flopped. That and his alledged playboy antics during the E2000 playoff against Denmark blotted his copybook with TB. JH got fined £5000 for being over-wound up vs Bradford. Tsk. Also, there was a story going around that he is looking elsewhere for a club (this was on Teletext). This contradicts even what his weasle agent said in public, so somebody is REALLY looking to shit-stir

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