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Summer rumour mill

The “big” story this weekend concerns TB with Tony Adams. You should know the story by now – TB bought up Adams professionally, the two are reportedly close friends, and Adams’ contract at Highbury is up next season. So, why is it making the rounds? Firstly, TB clearly wants a new #2 – although he uses Stewart Robson much more than MH, he clearly still wants that added help.

Secondly, it’s becoming quite clear that Adams may end up being surplus to requirements at Arsenil : they’re reportedly looking at a new CB, and given his injury he could well end up being squeezed out there anyway. Thirdly, Adams may wish to start his coaching direction now, which is reportedly what he wants to do – I doubt if Wenger will stand in his way. Finally, and probably most importantly, TB when asked was very “shit I didn’t want anyone to find out” about it. Wait and see on this one

Add Charlton to the list of gullible interested parties wishing to clinch Mr 110%. £5m is what they’re quoting for him. Now, this would be funny, as (a) we get shot of him, (b) we get the dough, and (c) he’ll be playing first div football soon anyway. Thing is, when at least three clubs are linked with a player all for the same price, and that player has been granted a transfer request, it often means he’s signed for another club but is only being used to make “stories”. Again, wait and see, though given how he apparently has been doing major strops in training, I bet that TB can’t wait for the shit to go.

Speaking of TB, the Sunday Mirror interviewed him today. And this is some of the interesting stuff he came out with :

“There has always been a fear at Wimbledon about change. People feared that if we changed the style or the culture we would go down”.

Well, that may well explain last year, certainly. It also sums up everything that SW19 has been saying for a while now. Still, enough bragging :

“We went down anyway, so the fear has gone and the time is right for real change. I have new ideas and new philosophies, and the staff here share that. We want to change the culture of the club and be seen by people as a team that wants to play football – still difficult to beat, but a good side”.

In other words, there now seems to be no excuse – the players did things “their” way last year (apologies for sounding like a broken record), and we all know what happened. TB is now laying down the law big style, and he doesn’t have external influences……

” I want to take this club forward in a different direction, using all the knowledge I have built up from studying European football to give Wimbledon club a new image”.

Woo-hoo, that will go down well.

“I am going to shake things up.”

Hope so

“Whether I am successful or not, I am going to do this the Terry Burton way”

Well he doesn’t have Hammam around for a start, so that’ll make a change. TB continues…

“Carl and Jason wanted to leave, and Ben was never going to sign a new deal while we were in the First Division”.

Remember what I said earlier about Mr 110% probably being sold already? The way TB is talking, this could well be reality. Interesting about Maggie as well, guess that it all boiled down to money : I don’t know how much Maggie wanted, but it was bound to be too much for a First Div side