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He drinks champagne…

And the big story is – Paul Merson. Well, we’ve put in a £3m bid for him anyway, and depending on who you listen to, it’s either been accepted or rejected. Merson himself is keen on it, this according to JH, Merson’s agent (who actually contacted WFC before WFC made public their interest) and the man himself.

On the flip side, John Gregory has issued a hands-off warning. Which is weird if stories are eminating that Villa (or should that be Smug Ellis?) have accepted the 3 mil? There will be much more to this story I’m sure – what started off with BRG saying that we could afford him could well turn out to be one of the biggest transfer coups of the summer. I hope this ain’t a cynical ploy to increase season ticket sales 🙂

Speaking of signings, we have signed someone. Apparently. Paul Robinson, Geordie lad, from Newk, 21 years old, striker for £1m. Currently being done in a hotel room, though hopefully that won’t put him off signing for us. I guess this is one of the younger players TB wants in.

BTW, I apologise profusely for the slight lack of updates recently, but I’ve just wrangled myself a new part-time job. So I hope you can forgive me.