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Kings field

OK, here is an important announcement : as you’ve probably gathered the last few weeks, SW19 is currently updated once every 3 or 4 days, as opposed to daily. Unfortunately, this period of time is more and more likely to become de rigeur in the near future. Admittedly, news has been a little bit sparse, and this IS pre-season after all, but for one reason or another it’s becoming harder for me to do it daily. So, until I can raise the energy to update daily again, expect the news section to remain dormant for longer periods. That said, check daily anyway, I will sometimes update more often. This does not mean that you can stop putting in articles and the like – in fact, the more articles you send, the more likely I’ll be to update the news sooner…..


Right, now all that bollocks is out of the way, let’s examine the second pre-season match : Celsi Wannabies 1 Us 2, and usual pre-season fayre. Quite a bit turn-out from us as it goes, in a crowd of about 2000, we must have taken 1500. In fact, it was more than last time we played them. Anyway, as for the match itself, Michael Thomas (OK) and Ian Selly (not so OK) played, so did Mark Williams and Des Byrne. Williams looked very good alongside the returning Trond Andersen, unfortunately Wilmott and Williams didn’t. Oh well.

Des Byrne looked solid, so did Alex Hawkins. One of our trialists, one Marcus Stergiopoulus, also played and was reasonally impressive. Wayne Gray kept being offside (shades of Andy Clarke?), and apart from Lionel “TB really rates me” Morgan nobody else really caught the eye. Well, except Ardley, who scored twice.

One thing, can we EVER keep a lead for longer than 10 seconds? We did it last night, we did it FAR too many times last season. Jesuz, and here was me thinking that everything was going to be pukka in the TB world…..

Spotted at Kingstonian – one Chris Perry. Yeah, he may be a Womble and all that, but the undeniable fact is, he signed for Spurz….. also spotted, JH who (it was commented) “didn’t look well at all”. Hmm, maybe that myth about JH having a separate fridge for beer isn’t quite as far fetched as first thought. Oh, and did you know that Charles Koppel is from South Africa and once rowed for England? Neither did I. Wonder how I can fit in a dig at OGEM for rowing with everyone?

Guess we can forget about Paul Merson finally. Well, until Xmas anyway. Gregory has said that the coke-sniffer can stay at Villa Park providing he plays well till Xmas. At least that means that we don’t have to pay his wages til then.