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Crippled Alice

You may have to excuse me today, only HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am still coming to terms with the result HAHAHAHAHAHA yesterday that says Millwall 6 Crystal Palace 0 HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, I haven’t actually stopped HAHAHAHAHAHAH laughing yet – I was actually there at the New Den, and I saw HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA an absolutely abysmal performance by our landlords HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Jesuz, they haven’t had a very good pre-season have they? 5-1 to Crawley, 4-0 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA to Reading and now this. If nothing else, we should get at least a point off them HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, but this really has creased me up HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Stop it.

Dear oh dear (HAHAH….. better stop there). Anyway, not really a great deal to say. Michael Thomas and Ian Selley are now officially Wimbledon players, as is Paul Robinson. Whilst both ex-Gooners are a little slow, TB obviously has a great deal of time for them. And remember, these two players are the only ones at WFC who have actually won something. Paul Robinson is a great young hope, though he has to ask his mum whether he could go down to t’smoke. I assume the reason he took so long to sign was to actually find a pub in London that sold Newky Brown. Either that or else he was told not to talk to any dogs whilst in that London. Best then if he avoids the women in North London…..

Elsewhere, David Ginola has now signed for Villa for, er, £3m. Isn’t that what Villa wanted for Merson? And doesn’t this re-open the story up about Merse joining us? Nah, it won’t happen – will it?

Lame transfer rumours : Cottee to WFC. Didn’t know he played for Arsenal. Jason Euell to Highfield Road since Robbie Keane went for £13m. Well, I suppose it would be apt if Mr 110% got sent to Coventry. Also, Marc Overmars has joined Barcelona for £25m. The same Marc Overmars that was chronically outmarked by one Duncan Jupp. Fuck knows how much Juppy will be worth then – £35m plus free use of La Manga? If so, it’s best if they don’t let him near the golf course……