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Various happenings

Two things before today’s update : one, I will put the July news in the archive sometime this week. This is due to the second thing, namely the SW19 poll. Basically, the results may be up Sunday night, providing that I don’t have (a) loads more entries coming in between now and Saturday, (b) a sudden influx of non-SW19 related stuff to deal with and (c) a brain aneurysm. However, to be on the safe side, assume around about this time next week. A lot of people have asked me what the results are, but then if I was to tell you there’d be no point in me telling you 🙂

Anyway, news time now, and we won 5-2 last night at Exeter. Well, I thought it was 5-3, which sent the alarm bells ringing yet again. Lots of positives came from this match : obviously, scoring five goals is nice. Conceeding two is a bit of a shit, though as more mellowed out Wombles keep telling me – “it’s only a friendly”. I don’t know who scored, nor how everyone played etc, but nobody who went was upset – you know, I really really wished that it was played on Saturday or even Sunday.

Still, those who organise these things never think of the poor man do they??? Reportedly, 60 odd Wombles were down there, which is a promising sign for things to come – I reckon that these last three friendlies have been the best attended series of friendlies in quite a while, maybe ever (though some oldie will doubtlessly tell me that when Selwyn Rice was playing we played a friendly at Dartford and took over 3,000). Tomorrow is Torquay, then down to Berwistol on Saturday, where SW19 will be. If you’re wavering, then do yourself a favour and get down there.

Jason Euell still wants to leave. I didn’t actually know he was still here, though the words “turd”, “toilet” and “lingering” spring to mind. Coventry are the next gullible honoured club who desire his lack of services, we want £6m. However, a spokesman for Euell (guess who?) has said that we are being stubborn over the dough. Bloody hell, is that a thinly veiled opinion that even Barnett thinks Euell is worth diddly squat?

Not to annoy me or anything, but Carl Cort is going on a bit of a scoring run with Newk at the moment – three goals in about 2 games against the might of, er, Columbus Crew. And some third div team they played (or was it second div?). Well worth the £7m I would wager.