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The season starts here. Honest.

After what seems like years, the first game of the new season is upon us tomorrow, and to be honest I haven’t actually thought much about it. So here’s a few random comments off the top of my head :

We can’t do any worse than last season. The attitude is much better this time round, nobody inside the club has swiped at the new manager for a start, and only one major crybaby remains at the club. The general talk is of optimism, for the first time in a l—o—n—g while. Our top signing this year is Paul Robinson, Tranmere’s top signing is Stuart Barlow, for nowt.

Although I’m still sure that we won’t reach the playoffs this year, I still find it hard to swallow that such teams as Sheff Wed (who have had severe losses of playing staff) and Watford are considered better than us. It pisses me off greatly to still keep on reading that our attendances are there to be taken the piss out off. And why oh why do people still consider the selling of Carl Cort a loss?????

Actually, speaking of attendances, good bit from Sir Reg about ST sales in today’s Wimbledon Guardian. He says that sales haven’t slumped : they’ve only gone down “fractionally” – though how big a fraction I would not like to say – and the main casualties are the corporate cocksuckers. And there are many more new “proper” fans about. Suffice to say, the whole of block D is sold out tomorrow……..

Michael Thomas has signed. Finally. Guess he’s finally sorted Benfica out good and proper. All he needs to do now is lose some weight – is Daley Thompson still looking after us?

Jason Euell, arch crybaby and winner of the SW19 “Tosser Of The Year” has really got a knee injury. Officially at least. Well bugger me, I honestly thought we weren’t playing him because he was a disinterested cunt whose idea of circuit training was going into the Ministry of Sound one night, then Home the next……..

On the totally other end of the scale, our new midfield dynamo/tough tackler/nutcase, Ian “winner of the 1994 CWC at age 19” Selley was interviewed on ITV teletext today. Some real good stuff, including:

“We are one of five or six clubs that can really challenge for promotion.”,


“To succeed here, after everything, would be my biggest achievement”

Some stuff about his previous injuries are mentioned, the last player I know to successfully come back from two broken legs was Sully, and this bit may give an insight into his mentality :

“After the first break, I played for Arsenal reserves and 10 minutes into my first game the moment of truth came. I was a bit rusty and I let the ball run. I had to tackle to get it back. It was a tough one – and it broke my shin-pad in half. But I didn’t worry. I never will.”

I like the guy already, he reminds me of Lawrie Sanchez, or Andy Roberts with skill and pace and ball control, and I’m sure he and Trond will make a real nice midfield pairing.

BTW, one more thing for you – next Thursday, WFC are doing something at Centre Court in Wimbledon. No idea what, but if anyone can find out what it is, there are a couple of posters about apparently. Whatever it is, be there or be a Celsi fan.