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Wahey, updating daily again. Don’t faint. Anyway, we’ve decided to do a linkup : Wisbech Town, Dr Martins side. It’s not financial, it’s only really to give some of our youngsters a trial, and of course we get Wisbech’s best. This may be a bit of a weird linkup, but as somebody from Wisbech said – “WFC have their roots in the Southern League, so there’s an affinity there”. That’s not the only thing both sides have in common. Wisbech got in trouble a couple of years ago when during an FA Cup tie they forgot (or refused) to supply the visiting team and other such visiting dignataries with grub. So much so that they had to go to the nearest chippy to rectify this. Now, come on, doesn’t that sound exactly the sort of thing WFC would do? IMBD reports that the new WFC club shop in Wimbledon will now be ready in 10 weeks. Bit too late? Hope not. Coincidentally, I was in Wimbledon today, and I passed the new shop site. It’s actually not that far from the Centre Court in truth, and that particular area of Wimbledon Broadway never seems to be empty so I hope it’s a success. At least, I think it’s the current Scope shop : the vacant shop unit between Game and the BT shop opposite Centre Court is having the fitters in……..

Zolpidem Buy Online Uk Good interview with TB with the Evening Substandard today, nothing really new, although he did say that “I never held [Jones and Fashanu’s] opinions highly when they were at WFC”. Coincidentally, Vinny Jones was in the MOTD magazine as well, and said something like OGEM was much better than TB. Hmm.

Where To Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Sven Goran Erikkson wants Alex Ferguson’s job at Old Trafford. So what? Well, Erikkson (isn’t that a mobile phone maker?) is a great disciple at Lazio of the zonal system, which apparently was too shitty a concept for our obviously over-talented squad last year to attempt to master. Be kind of ironic if Man U were to somehow play exactly the same system that so many claim was our downfall last season…..

Order Zolpidem Overnight Bobby Gould is new manager of Cardiff, pushing the current Cardiff gaffer to assistant to him. He will be wished well here, but I can’t help thinking two things: 1: Speaking to some Cardiff stewards last year, they were none too appreciative of Bobby Gould, especially his tenure as Wales boss. I don’t doubt that many Cardiff fans feel the same way. 2: Hammam has seriously shafted his “great friend”, one OGEM. Now, does this mean that Kinnear’s managerial career is finished? After all, only Sheff Weds have offered to take him on, we certainly would never take him back, and if his business partner won’t employ him……? Coincidentally, a couple of things about the Lebanese Tax Evader that should be bought to your attention. One, he made a bit of a sneery comment about WFC’s support on Sunday when he mentioned that Cardiff “bought half the crowd” last season at SP. True, but not what you want the Father Of WFC to say. Then again, as Sam The Sham (see Articles) has shown, the guy always was two-faced about our crowd size. Second, and much more interesting – the NOTW reports that he has a personal fortune of £100m. Naturally, I won’t ask where it came from, but isn’t it funny that we find out how much he’s got just as soon as he leaves WFC? Hmmmmmmm…………….

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