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In a mere matter of days…

Buy Generic Ambien Online Uk Is it REALLY 4 days now till the start of the season? Seems only yesterday that I was in foreign climes trying to get hold of the Soton result – ah well, with luck WFC as a whole won’t try and piss me off quite so much next year.

ST sales are down by half, apparently, which contradicts Barney’s claim that they have actually gone up in the “proper” areas. Hmm, who’s telling the truth? We can gather that corporate stuff has dropped, plus the parasites who only get them for Man U/Celsi/Arse games etc, but on the other side I’m hearing quite a few stories that more and more “proper” people are getting STs. Worth bearing in mind that this time last year ST sales were similar and did boost up to 6,000. If we do well, expect that figure to be reached by Xmas.

JH to Blackburn? That’s the rumour going around at the moment. £4m is the quoted fee, which sounds really low and probably should be laughed out of court. That said, a few people saw JH at the pre-seasons and said that he didn’t look at all well (or fit). Whether his knee really is as fucked as they say it is is anyone’s guess, though it would not surprise me to see WFC do a Casiraghi on JH (you know, retire him and claim the insurance). If TB buys another expensive striker within the next year or so, then don’t be in the least bit surprised. Remember, you read it here first. Nice quote from Ken Murray, St Pats Athletic CEO on Des Byrne, from the OS : “Terry Burton has really done his homework on Des and has watched him four or five times before taking him over for a trial and we are delighted that he has signed for a good club and he got himself a good, secure contract.

“He has a fabulous footballing brain and is very good in the tackle and I believe he will be the best signing Wimbledon will make this season, and I would even go as far as to say that he will be the best signing made by any club in Division One. Things did not work out for Des at Stockport but he came home, worked hard and has got himself a good move to a better club and he can only become a better player with a coach of Terry Burton’s quality working with him,”

Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Uk Now, I’ve heard some CEO’s say great things about their players in order to boost their profile, but I think this is going just a little too far. Never mind, we need cover on the left. Oh, and did you that Pats manager Pat Dolan was an apprentice at Arsenil when TB was there? Suddenly, it all makes sense….