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Robin banks


You know, it’s kinda nice to get back into the swing of things again. And what better way to get re-aquainted than Country Yokels 2 Sophisticated Urbanites 5? The team that started is more or less going to be the same team that will start against Tranmere. A heady mixture of youth and experience. To put the scoring in order : we scored first through Francis, they equalised after some pressure, we got back just before half time with an OG, then we sort of went for it in the second half, with CARL LEABURN scoring. Yeah, I am in shock.

I had actually made a bet with someone that if Leaburn scored at Kingstonian then I would eat one of my own testicles. Thankfully, I didn’t extend the bet to today, otherwise I would be sitting here now in not mild discomfort. Gayle followed soon afterwards, then Ian Selley netted the fifth. They got a last minute penalty – sounds familiar? – after Kimble brought down one of theirs. It looked like when we put ourselves in gear, we can destroy teams. When we sit back, as we did on occasions today, we still look iffy.


Negatives? Our defence still looks shaky. Looks like the age old problem of WFC collectively bricking it whenever an attacking forward, er, attacks, still hasn’t gone away. This despite our fourth managerial change within 2.5 years. Apart from that, there’s nothing really alarming.

The youngsters look good, the oldies look good as well, I’m more impressed with Ian Feuer than Heald (even if DB did skank me in for nowt), Gayle looks better on the wing than he does up front, I definitely like Agemang, and Francis looks as though he’s gone to the Lentini School of Football. We seem capable of mixing it, which is what TB is trying to do, and what could have been a tricky fixture actually became quite comfortable. All in all, a pleasing day, and I bet that Tranmere are bricking it. Yeah, I’m pissed.

Oh, and the SW19 poll is now closed. Just thought I’d mention it. Results in the next couple of days….